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The power of ImageMagick with the speed and simplicity of Cloudinary

Most developers are familiar with ImageMagick, a very capable open source software suite that they can use to manage and manipulate images.

The functionality of ImageMagick is typically utilized from the command-line, but wrappers have been written for a wide selection of programming languages, making ImageMagick a very popular choice among developers.

Often programmers use ImageMagick for simple operations such as scaling or stretching an image to fit specific dimensions. But as we'll see in this post, there are many advanced techniques available, such as 'masking’, pixel 'blending' and others that enable you to achieve more complex and extremely useful effects.

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File Upload With PHP

By Prosper Otemuyiwa
How to handle file uploads with PHP

There are lots of images and videos all over the internet. A lot of applications these days demand that the user is able to manipulate files and upload to the server. Thankfully, PHP provides the functions to handle file uploads.

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React.js Tutorial: How to develop a React library

Developing a library requires a different approach from developing an application. You must consider the use of the library in someone else’s application and design for it. React is well suited for this purpose. And if the library you are creating is an adapter to another library, you can dynamically generate the component's properties definition to ensure they are forward compatible. There is however more than one way to achieve the same goal, with some conventions to follow and others to cautiously not follow. In particular, I chose to use the context function even though it is an experimental feature because it is useful when you don’t know, or can’t dictate, the way your library's components will be utilized.

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Learn about AdonisJs and how to set up a CMS with it

Even though Node is fun, easy and cheap to work with, we spend a lot of time writing boilerplate codes because structure and organization is missing.

What happened to Convention Over Configuration?

While Node is simple, it requires you to make a lot of decisions, which ultimately causes confusion because it leaves you with several options. Languages like PHP, Ruby, C# and Python have one or more Molde-View-Controller (MVC) frameworks, such as Laravel, Rails, ASP.Net and Django. These help developers to achieve structure and write maintainable code with these languages. That was not the case for Node until AdonisJs was introduced.

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