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Solutions Engineer (California, US)
  • Hadar Bejerano
  • Roseann Taculad
  • Bryan Adams
  • Brittany Caulfield
  • Adam Littas
  • Garrett Serviss
  • Lennart Speyer
  • Robert Moseley
  • Chris Basanty
Join the Sales team

We are looking for an Solutions Engineer to provide pre- and post-sales support for our rapidly-growing customer base. He/She will be responsible for helping develop solutions for identified prospects, helping the marketing team with technical content and insight (blog posts, articles, etc), and being a technical resource for the sales organization as a whole.


  • Assisting the SDR team with identifying compelling Cloudinary use-cases for identified prospects.
  • Working with the Marketing team to create Blog and Article content, ensure all marketing material is technically correct, and develop A/B tests/personalization campaigns for the website.
  • Participate in consultations and/or product capability assessments with prospects.
  • Working with Account Executives to do product demonstrations for prospects.  
  • Follow up and answer any technical questions the prospect has.
  • Create relationships with key decision makers and serve as external technical spokesperson.
  • Assist in Proof-Of-Concepts for prospects to ensure they are successful and finished in a timely manner.
  • Complete RFI/RFP documents sent by prospects.
  • Work with Account Management team to ensure handoff is executed smoothly as prospect transitions into customer.
  • Act as a troubleshooting resource when customer reaches out to you directly.


  • Ability to manage multiple competing priorities, and work effectively under the pressure of time constraints in a fast-paced, collaborative environment.
  • Bachelor's degree, or equivalent, in related discipline. Computer Science or Engineering degree preferred.
  • 1-2 years experience in customer-facing role
  • Principle knowledge of website construction, including HTML, JavaScript and CSS, understanding of OS and browser distinctions and how third-party software and plugins work with browsers (e.g. Flash), basic website troubleshooting and use of browser developer tools.
  • Familiarity with network infrastructure - DNS, CDN, Cloud Storage, Cloud Applications and how it all fits together
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Ability to travel occasionally.

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