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HTTP Live Streaming Without the Hard Work | Cloudinary Blog

You know that moment when you click a video link on your phone while on your way to grab a coffee from the office kitchen, but then you get that annoying buffering icon, and just give up? That video might have been interesting, maybe even valuable, but it’s just not worth your time.

Millions of users repeat this experience every day: stealing a couple minutes before starting work, stretching the time before going to sleep or getting out of bed, grabbing a quick break in between other planned tasks, etc. In any of these scenarios, a short video can be a great way to learn more about a concept, product, or get the latest news, but our ‘free’ moments are precious and we are not going to waste them waiting for heavy videos to download to our phones and other devices. Even when we do have more time to spare, we find ourselves too impatient to wait for any video that buffers for too long.

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