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Using WebP for Android on Your Website or Native Apps

JPEG and PNG are the predominant formats used for image delivery on the web. According to a W3Techs survey, 74 percent of the websites worldwide use these formats, and for good reason: They are supported across all browsers. Still, there are newer image formats with better performance and a leading example is the WebP format. Here we'll show how to easily implement WebP in order to reduce your images weight by approx. 30 percent and improve your website and native apps image load time.

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Compressing a single-color image in various formats

In part one (One pixel is worth three thousand words) of this turned-to-be-two-part blog post, I discussed one-pixel images and how well different image formats “compress” these images. I was surprised how much there is to be said about the matter. This was supposed to be a short blog post, describing one-pixel images and how they compress, and instead it became a glorious monster (and also a two part blog post…).

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How various image formats compress one-pixel images

A couple of months ago while taking a break from implementing cool new features like q_auto and g_auto, I was joking in our team chat about how well various image formats “compress” one-pixel images. In response, Orly — who runs the blog — asked me if I’d write a post about single-pixel images. I said: "Sure, why not. But it will be a very short blog post. After all, there’s not much you can say about a single pixel."

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