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Using the Cloudinary CLI (Command Line Interface)

“Anything you can do, I can do better,
I can do anything better than you…”
(Irving Berlin)

If the Cloudinary CLI could sing, this could well be its song. Virtually anything you can do with the Cloudinary upload and admin APIs, you can do with the CLI (Command Line Interface), and much of the functionality that’s available through your account console is also accessible through the CLI. As to being ‘better’, it probably depends on the context, but in many situations it’s certainly quicker and easier, and it provides some bonus functionality that isn’t available through the APIs or console.

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Python Image Optimization and Transformation

Approximately 62 percent of today’s online content is made up of images, optimizing which is a must to speed up loading of media-rich websites. A fast loading site makes your visitors happy, which as a rule leads to higher conversion rates.

This article shows you how to optimize Python images.

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