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The Future of Audio and Video on the Web

Web sites and platforms are becoming increasingly media-rich. Today, approximately 62 percent of internet traffic is made up of images, with audio and video constituting a growing percentage of the bytes.

The web’s ubiquity is making it possible to distribute engaging media experiences to users around the world. And the ecosystem of internet consumers and vendors have crafted APIs that enable developers to harness this power.

Cisco reports that 70 percent of current global internet traffic is video and it’s going to increase to 80 percent by 2020. This is huge!

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Build A Miniflix in 10 Minutes

Developers are constantly faced with challenges of building complex products every single day. And there are constraints on the time needed to build out the features of these products.

Engineering and Product managers want to beat deadlines for projects daily. CEOs want to roll out new products as fast as possible. Entrepreneurs need their MVPs like yesterday. With this in mind, what should developers do?

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As video use and requirements grow - so do the challenges
Video is an increasingly important component for websites and apps, as consumer demand for and consumption of video content is growing. It’s not only for wired devices, though. More and more, consumers are accessing video where they want it, when they want it, on whatever device that happens to be nearby.
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HTML5 video player with cloud based video transcoding

Once upon a time, in long forgotten browser versions, getting a video into a website required creating and embedding Flash resources. But these days, all modern browsers support HTML5, including the HTML5 <video> tag, which means you’ve got a built-in video player that anyone can use.

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