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Top Five Reasons You Should Attend ImageCon 2020: A Digital Experience

Top 5 Reasons for Attending ImageCon 2020: A Digital Experience

ImageCon, Cloudinary’s annual conference on innovating the Visual Web, will be held digitally between July 27-30 with an agenda that outdoes the past years’, featuring presentations by developers, creatives, and marketing professionals across the globe. Not only will you learn the latest groundbreaking technologies, strategies, and best practices for media management, you’ll also have many opportunities to interact with our speakers and ask them questions live during the live Q&A sessions.

Here are five reasons why you shouldn’t miss ImageCon 2020: A Digital Experience:

1. You’ll gain insights from top brands.

Experts from renowned enterprises like Disney Parks and Resorts, The Children’s Place, Publicis Sapient, Finalsite, Bleacher Report, Imagga, Valtech, and Matter Supply Co. will present on media-related topics.

2. Captivating Keynote Speakers

YouTube sensation Lilly Singh, who boasts 15 million subscribers, will discuss how to be your authentic self while working with brands and Disney’s former Head of Innovation, Duncan Wardle, will share how to ignite a culture of innovation and creativity within your company.

3. You’ll discover the latest tips and tricks for optimizing Cloudinary to your advantage.

A workshop by Cloudinary product experts will show you how to best leverage Cloudinary’s capabilities to keep your online projects humming at its best.

4. The State of Visual Media Report will be available to attendees.

Understanding how visual stories are consumed enables brands to deliver engaging and inspiring content across platforms and devices worldwide. This enlightening report lends that understanding.

5. Media experts will answer your questions.

You’ll be able to submit your questions to the speakers during their 30-minute sessions and get their responses live. You can even “get on stage” during Duncan Wardle’s limited-capacity interactive session.

Register now. See you there!

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