Third-party-developed integrations

Third-party-developed integrations are integrations with Cloudinary that are developed by Cloudinary partners or other third parties according to Cloudinary’s best practices and are reviewed by the Cloudinary technical team.

These integrations are not directly maintained by Cloudinary. All updates related to these integrations are handled by the relevant third-party developing organization.

Available integrations

The following third-party-developed integrations are available:

Contentful Enables you to insert all types of media assets into your Contentful entries as linked files, and to enjoy easy access to all the benefits of Cloudinary's dynamic media transformation, optimization and Digital Asset Management (DAM) capabilities, directly from within the Contentful CMS web app.
Magnolia Enables you to access Cloudinary image and video assets and use them as if they were Magnolia native. You can add or remove assets and place them into Magnolia content with a seamless editorial experience and a unified workflow across the two systems.

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