Player methods and properties

The Cloudinary video player supports a large variety of operations and events that enable you to add functionality to your video player and to control the videos that play in it.

Performing operations on your player

Once you have created a video player, you can take advantage of the various methods and properties to retrieve the current status of elements and perform a wide variety of actions on the player. For example, you can retrieve or change the video source that is playing, jump to a specific place in the video, activate video control operations like play, pause, stop, play next or previous, mute/unmute, adjust volume, maximize, and more.

Here are a few simple examples:

  • Set the player volume:

  • Mute the player:

  • Jump to the middle of a video:


All video player methods and properties

For details on all available operations, see the video player methods and playlist operations in the Video Player API Reference.

To view the code for a video player with a set of custom control buttons based on the video player methods, see api.html in the sample CodePen.