Improve User Experience & Website Performance


Are you developing a new web application? Supporting an existing one? With Cloudinary, your web application can now deliver optimal performance and an improved user experience, whether if it’s a brand new site or it is already attratcing many visitors.

Cloudinary allows you to enjoy performance benefits previously available only to market giants:

  • Allow your service to scale even when you have substantial traffic and resource management requirements.
  • Store all your web resources on the cloud.
  • Your resources are fully backed up and always available.
  • Deliver all your resources quickly and efficiently while using modern highly available cloud technologies.
  • Use high performance Content Delivery Networks (CDN).

Modern cloud-based hosted solution

Cloud computing has made amazing progress in the last few years, led by Amazon’s Web Services. Cloudinary leverages this revolution to bring you a complete solution for managing your web resources:

  • Resources are stored on powerful, highly available cloud-based storage systems such as Amazon’s S3.
  • Resources are delivered through modern global Content Delivery Networks (CDN) - Akamai and Amazon’s CloudFront.
  • Cloudinary resource processing servers leverage cloud technologies for automatic scaling. This allows you to handle high load, visitor peaks, and bursts of usage.
  • Smart load balancers such as Amazon’s ELB are used to access Cloudinary’s servers efficiently.
  • All these services are wrapped using Cloudinary’s high-end web technologies core.

Scalable upload and manipulation servers

Modern, feature-rich web applications display both static images and dynamically uploaded images. Images uploaded by your users and images extracted from external resources will need to be resized, cropped, and converted to match the specific requirements and design of your site.

Installing complex image manipulation capabilities onto your servers? Spending expensive development time on handling uploads and processing them? Loading down your servers with CPU intensive image processing? Let Cloudinary do that for you:

  • Easily transform your images to any format and dimension. (See Smart Image Management for more details).
  • You don’t need to install any graphic or image manipulation software.
  • Keep all your uploads on the cloud and let Cloudinary manage the upload process for you.

High Performance CDN Integration

Your web application includes many resources and assets. Static and dynamically uploaded images, style sheets and Javascript files all are used to define the graphics design and flow of your website.

Delivering these resources quickly and efficiently becomes a key factor for delivering a good user experience to your website’s visitors.

Images and other files need to download as quickly as possible to the user’s browsers, no matter where they are geographically located. You don’t want the user experience to falter due to poor performance of the servers hosting your website and you don’t want to spend too much money on purchasing expensive servers.

Content Delivery Networks (CDN) are an integral part of the solution to these problems. These CDNs deliver your web resources to your visitors from the cloud. They boast thousands of servers all around the world optimized for fast delivery of web content while using smart caching techniques. They have practically unlimited bandwidth and can easily handle any scale of traffic your site requires. They will dynamically find the closest server for each of your visitors and minimize network latency and geographical distance limitations. Using such CDNs also removes load from your servers and by that significantly reduces hosting costs.

Using CDNs with your website requires integration and deployment work. Implementing a solid integration that correctly covers all flows of resource management for your website, building on the industry’s best-practices, is a time consuming task that requires both CDN and performance know-how.

Using Cloudinary, you’ll receive a complete solution for easily integrating your website with powerful Content Delivery Networks (CDNs):

  • Web resources managed by Cloudinary, both static and dynamic, are transparently delivered through a CDN.
  • Your images and other web resources will be delivered faster to your visitors.
  • Cloudinary supports Amazon’s CDN (CloudFront) and Akamai.
  • Cloudinary smartly manages all aspects of resource cache control.
  • DNS-based mapping of your content to dynamic CDN URLs is done automatically for you.

For example, if your Cloudinary account is ‘demo’ and you have an image resource called sample.jpg, your users could access the following address URL:

High availability and backup of resources

Your web application may allow users to dynamically create or uploaded content (profile images, videos, etc.). Cloudinary manages this dynamic content for you:

  • All resources are stored on Amazon’s highly available, cloud-based storage service (S3)
  • Your dynamically created resources are automatically backed-up.
  • When your service grows, you might need to synchronize the dynamic resources between all production servers. Cloudinary eliminates this need.

Standard and secure (HTTPS) access

Web browsers require that secure pages (HTTPS) deliver all their resources (images, stylesheets, Javascripts, etc.) in a secure way too. This requires specific IT work and increases the load on your servers.

Cloudinary supports both HTTP and secure HTTPS connections for delivering Web resources. Whether your users access Cloudinary servers directly or through a Content Delivery Network (CDN), each web resource can be accessed securely.

If you use our client-side integration libraries, URLs of resources in your site will automatically be modified to use either secure (HTTPS) or plain (HTTP) communication according to the way your visitors browse through to your site.