Reduce Development Costs & Time


As the owner or the developer of a web application, you strive to focus your efforts on your application’s specific business logic and services core. Why spend crucial time and resources solving problems that are common to the web development world when proven off-the-shelf solutions already exist?

Cloudinary provides a solution for common issues faced by most modern web applications, related to storage and distribution of your site’s graphics and file resources We allow you to save time and money while you develop your service more efficiently, concentrating on the things you understand best. Let Cloudinary solve your resource management requirements. You’ll immediately notice the improvements in your web application’s performance and your visitors’ experience with your website will also greatly improve.

Cloud-based image manipulation

A typical web site includes a large number of images. Some are static parts of the graphics design and some are externally uploaded by the users or extracted on-the-fly from external resources. In almost every case, these external images will need to be resized, cropped, compressed and converted to fit your graphics design.

Cloudinary streamlines the management of image resources for you:

  • All image processing is done remotely in the cloud.
  • You don’t have to install any image processing software.
  • You can enjoy rich image manipulation features.
  • You can dynamically change the dimensions and formats of images displayed on your website. This means that no extra work is required when your designers decide to tweak the images’ dimensions within the overall graphics design.

Resource uploading, synchronization and backup

Many web applications support dynamic resource uploading for various purposes. For example, a user might upload his own profile picture. Supporting such uploads require significant care in correctly managing the full life cycle of an uploaded Web resource. Cloudinary solves this for you:

  • Unlimited storage size. You don’t need to worry about the free space on your local storage.
  • Resources are automatically backed up.
  • Resources are available from anywhere. You don’t need to synchronize uploaded resources between all user servers.

Scaling to high performance

You want your site to load faster, you want your visitors to enjoy a great user-experience,and you don’t want to lose them because of a slowly loading website.

Improving the speed of your website requires a great deal of focus on repetitive technical tasks, such as the minimizing and optimizing of the size of downloaded resources, optimizing cache control, integrating with high performance Content Delivery Networks, merging and compressing multiple common resources, merging multiple images into single image “sprites" and the list goes on.

With Cloudinary, you can focus on optimizing the performance of the core modules in your business. Common aspects of web resource performance optimization are handled for you using industry best practices, saving you precious development time:

  • Seamless integration with fast Content Delivery Networks.
  • Automatic cache control optimization.
  • Download size minimization.
  • Automatically merging images into sprites.
  • Fine-tuning for efficient web resource delivery.