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Making visually captivating digital experiences possible everywhere.

Visual experiences drive today's economy

Only experience-obsessed brands delivering exceptional visually-rich digital experiences will survive and thrive. These experiences must be engaging, personal and consistent across ever-multiplying digital touchpoints. However, the sheer volume of visual media required to achieve this is, very simply, humanly impossible to manage.

An intelligently automated media solution is the only path forward.

The essential media layer of the digital experience tech stack










The Cloudinary Image and Video Technology Platform is an intelligently automated end-to-end rich media management and delivery SaaS platform for delivering highly engaging visual experiences at scale.

Omnichannel Speed

Experience Innovation

Customer Engagement

Intelligent automation at every media lifecycle stage and channel enables faster time to market.

Automation everywhere frees teams from the mundane to focus on experience design and quality.

Real-time optimization and personalization inspire interaction and connection with customers.

Products and services


With Cloudinary Programmable Media, developers can automate image- and video-processing tasks and manage media at scale with robust APIs, modern SDKs, and content-aware AI capabilities.

Media-Centric Digital Asset Management

As part of our turnkey product family of media applications, Cloudinary’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution features intelligent automation.

Optimized Media Delivery

Through the out-of-the-box, no-code Cloudinary Media Optimizer, brands can automatically optimize and deliver images and videos to all end-user devices worldwide.

The Cloudinary difference

Visual-Media Focus

Purpose-built for the entire rich-media lifecycle with support for all key formats, including lightweight, cutting-edge and emerging ones like AR, 3D, and 360.

Intelligent Automation

AI and machine learning trained on the industry’s largest media dataset for intelligent automation at all stages of the media-asset lifecycle.

Media Science

In-depth expertise, leadership, and innovations—such as media-aware, proprietary algorithms that intelligently detect objects—for the highest fidelity and performance.


Media-as-a-service for developers paired with turnkey practitioner applications, through which teams can work in tandem with the tools and in the language of their choice to accelerate delivery.


Simple integration with your existing and evolving stack with comprehensive, prebuilt connectors and widgets, including CMS, PIM, and other solutions tailored for e-commerce.

Cloudinary Image and Video Technology Platform Platform

A smart foundation for visualexperiences everywhere

Tailored for visual media, notably imagery and video, the Cloudinary Image and Video Technology Platform addresses the entire asset lifecycle: sourcing, transformation, personalization, optimization, and delivery. The platform is the foundation of all the offerings within the Cloudinary Image and Video Technology Platform. It provides one platform for all forms of rich media with an intelligent, extensible and API – and developer-first approach.

Cloudinary Media Intelligence

Powering intelligent automation at all stages of the media asset lifecycle

Cloudinary Media Intelligence is a media-centric and extensible AI and machine learning framework that powers intelligent automation for all Cloudinary products. We have trained it on a vast set of media data, affording it a deep understanding of rich media and an ability to process imagery and video accurately and efficiently. Smart capabilities powered by Cloudinary Media Intelligence empower brands to deliver picture-perfect visual experiences anywhere with minimal time and effort.

Vertical solutions

Travel & Hospitality

Cloudinary helps increase bookings and engage travelers by optimizing images, personalizing videos, and automating moderation of user generated content.

Media & Entertainment

Cloudinary automatically optimizes images and videos and adapts to changing layouts through a consistent experience that loads fast on any screen.


Cloudinary enables an engaging, personalized, and optimized experience for consumers, helping drive increased conversions, and accelerate launches.

Brands that need rich visual media to create engagement and drive consumer growth use Cloudinary as their platform of choice.

Enterprise Grade Technology Integrations

Fully integrated in your tech stack

Whatever your tech stack uses—creative editing tools, CMS, PIMs, Commerce solutions, CDNs—Cloudinary has you covered with integrations across leading tech solutions. And, with an API-first approach, Cloudinary is easy to use and delivers seamless extensibility across every technology stack.

A platform you can trust

Enterprise-Grade Security

Access services via secure and authenticated HTTPS APIs, with flexible access controls, backup, signed URLs, multiple user roles, permissions, and two-factor authentication.

High-Performance Asset Management

Experience fast media upload, processing, and download via Cloudinary’s infrastructure of high-performance servers, elastic load balancers, and highly available storage.

Global Scalability

Scale up your media assets as well as user base across the globe easily with a technology infrastructure that handles over 28 billion media requests.

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