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Developer Advocate (US)

At Cloudinary we are building the world’s best platform for end-to-end media management. As the leader in cloud-based image and video management for both web and mobile applications, Cloudinary is the natural choice for companies wanting to upload, store, manipulate, optimize and deliver images and video.

Cloudinary is searching for a developer that strives to educate and inspire other developers to utilize visual communication (powered by Cloudinary technology as applicable) in their websites and apps


  • Be a Thought Leader in diverse development ecosystems, both frontend and backend, such as JS frameworks, serverless computing, web/mobile performance, progressive web apps, responsive web design, image/video compression, etc
  • Create tech content for publication as articles, tutorials and showcase apps on our blog and other channels, to effectively demonstrate use cases and design patterns
  • Write reusable code that can be utilized by developers to leverage Cloudinary tech. Contribute to Cloudinary's open source libraries and other projects where applicable
  • Educate developers by conducting technical workshops and hackathons, speaking in local/remote meetups, user group meetings, developer conferences and webinars
  • Support developers in online venues, such as discussion forums, social media, etc
  • Build partnerships with individuals/influencers, companies and organizations that serve related developer communities and ecosystems to Cloudinary’s technology
  • Gather feedback on Cloudinary service and technology and share with R&D, sales, customer service and marketing for improved product roadmap and decision making

About You:

  • A Cloudinary developer advocate should be a software development professional with strong communication skills and a track record of delivering web and/or mobile applications and/or opensource contribution
  • Actively participate and make visible contributions within dev communities
  • Demonstrate technical writing skills via blog posts and contributed articles
  • Keep up development skills - comparable with peers who write code full time
  • Be proactive - seize opportunities by getting out and networking with people 
  • Inspire developers by effectively presenting experiences in meetups, etc
  • Be approachable while staying productive and professional when on the road 
  • Be ready to work irregular hours/days to support global developer events
  • Be entrepreneurial by taking initiatives based on mainly high-level direction

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