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  • Amir Tocker
  • Dana Shalev
  • Felix Zilber
  • Sagy Moshe
  • Eitan Revach
  • Nitzan Jaitman
  • Asi Sayag
  • Eduard Sinelnikov
  • Constantine Nathanson
Join the R&D team

Senior DevOps Engineer (Israel)

Join our Operation team as a Senior DevOps Engineer. Define and create operations tools and processes for a massively scalable system, backing 10,000’s of the world’s busiest websites and apps, which will hopefully grow to become the media backbone for the whole Internet.

You will sometimes wake up at night to make sure the production system is working properly, but you will be doing it in a fun and supportive environment in which you will constantly learn and evolve, and where your ideas will be embraced and pursued.


  • Manage live production environments. Handle ongoing monitoring and troubleshoot failures.
  • Provide architectural solutions for complex data and processing requirements involving large-scale systems and rapid growth.
  • Manage live environment from server infrastructure all the way to applicative image management layers.
  • Define and manage automated production processes.
  • Implement system monitoring procedures.
  • Design & implement our system’s network topology.


  • 5+ years experience with production systems.
  • Experience working with dozens of servers online.
  • Experience working with a 24/7/365 high-traffic web service.
  • Must have experience with: Linux, AWS, MySQL, NoSQL, Elasticsearch, Web development: Ruby-on-Rails/Node.js, Shell scripting, Networking, Firewalls, Monitoring systems, System security.
  • Would be awesome if has experience with: Chef/Ansible/Saltstack, Continuous Deployment/Integration tools.

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