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Technical Product Marketing Manager (US)

Provide strategic direction/tactical execution to promote Cloudinary’s products; launch new products/features, promoting Cloudinary with focus on developers; raise awareness/educate developers on value of products by delivering messages/content through multiple channels; create explanatory videos, data sheets, and case studies; align product features with customers' insights; use Google-Adwords, CMS systems (WordPress, Drupal, Pim core); direct/coordinate marketing activities to promote Cloudinary’s products; evaluate financial aspects of Cloudinary’s product development; develop pricing strategies; contribute to products development using image/video standards (PHG, codex, H.264, P9, SVGS, WebM, progressive/lossless JPEGs); create technical narratives with key product themes to convey story to distinguish Cloudinary’s products; identify usage patterns of different developer frameworks (Java, PHP, Ruby on Rails) to translate to specific Cloudinary’s features; identify technical capabilities and feature requirements for development team; develop/drive initiatives to frame/track competitive technical landscape; build product requirements documents to influence product strategy; create high quality technical content (demos, webinars, brochures, presentations); coordinate cross-functional teams (design, sales, product, developer advocacy and engineering stakeholders) to support delivery of products; work with product management to distill key functionality/benefits into core product messages; partner with events teams to drive product strategy and content for live/online events worldwide; support/prioritize requirements for product team for specific technology tradeoffs across entire development lifecycle; create product data sheets to highlight web/mobile features, detailed code cookbooks, tech webinars/videos using Codec (videos); create technical content for website for developers; generate techniques for image/video optimization (lazy loading), and provide expertise in image compressing modes with internal/external stakeholders.

Job Requirements:

Master’s degree or foreign equivalent in Business Administration, Marketing, or Management, plus 2 years experience. Experience to include creating explanatory videos, data sheets, and case studies; aligning product features with customers' insights; contributing to products development using image/video standards; and using Google-Adwords, CMS systems (WordPress, Drupal, Pim core).

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