Cloudinary Partner Network

Partner Overview

Criticalcase is a next-generation internet service provider. Originally a hosting provider, Criticalcase also delivers DNS, monitoring and optimization services, as well as a state-of-the-art consultancy.

By integrating first- and third-party solutions, Criticalcase enables customers to have the most effective answer to their needs, within the constraints of their budgets. Criticalcase always certifies and trains one or two principal engineers and some backup engineers, in this way a constant level of premium service is always guaranteed.

Criticalcase services include:

  • Cloud
  • CDN
  • Enterprise
Why Criticalcase

Criticalcase assigns a technical and commercial account to every customer, to deliver a high level of service.

Criticalcase + Cloudinary

Criticalcase offers Cloudinary as the primary solution for digital asset management and image management on top of the standard cloud and web acceleration offering.

  • Address: CriticalCase SAGL , via Industria 31A, 6987 Caslano - Switzerland
  • Contacts:
  • Regions: Europe, Middle East