Cloudinary Partner Network

Partner Overview

SFivei delivers high-tech software solutions and product development using cloud computing, IoT, digital transformation, blockchain, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Based in Silicon Valley, Calif., SFivei keeps abreast of the technological innovation happening at a rapid pace, and helps its customers transform ideas from proof of concept to full-blown products. SFivei also has more than 100 employees at its People Development Center based in India, under the banner of Drish Infotech Limited, which provides cloud computing, software development and digital transformation solutions.

SFivei services include:

  • Cloud computing
  • Digital transformation
  • Mobile computing
  • Software product development
  • Web development
  • Device drivers
Why SFivei

SFivei’s mission is to provide high-quality software development, applications and systems solutions at a competitive cost to build lasting customer relationships.