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Partner Overview

Six Vertical is a digital consultancy that helps companies design and implement their eCommerce strategy.

It helps growing eCommerce businesses stay on top of marketing and development tasks with budget-friendly service plans. Six Vertical build modern eCommerce channels and provides DAM for eCommerce storefronts built on Shopify and Salesforce Commerce platforms.

Six Vertical works with consumer and B2B brands to create business outcomes through eCommerce consulting, technology and digital marketing services. It does more than just develop from a set of requirements. Six Vertical strategy engagements focus on its clients’ business objectives, customer needs, competitiveness, value proposition and capabilities of clients’ development team. The company also dives deep into topics related to master data management, user experience, integration and distribution; with the goal of creating a strategy capable of fulfilling clients’ unique objectives.

Six Vertical services include:

  • eCommerce consulting
  • Technology
  • Digital marketing services

Six Vertical clients include Ally,, Fruit of the Loom, General Electric, KUKA Robotics, StayIn PDX, Tiege Hanley and Waste Management.

Why Six Vertical

Six Vertical is laser-focused on being excellent at one thing: Building and implementing digital commerce solutions. The company’s software developers have mastery in a specific set of engineering challenges and have a growing code repository they leverage across projects for maximum efficiency and speed. And its managing consultants and analysts come from the commerce industry and speak with authority on digital commerce matters during client engagements.

  • Address: 700 SW Fifth Avenue, #4000 3rd Floor, Portland OR 97204
  • Contacts:
  • Regions: North America