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Partner Overview

Techedge brings a distinctive combination of pragmatic business vision and fast-paced, premium delivery as key values.

A trust based approach, focused on shared objectives and long-term relationships is what makes Techedge’s clients call them partner.

With Techedge‘s international presence the company offers its clients the scalability and geographic coverage of a global provider, the commitment and flexibility of a local partner, the competence and focus of a strategic, trusted advisor.

Partner’s services include:

IT System Integration
Technology is Techedge‘s DNA since the foundation: the expertise in IT architecture, built in 15+ years of complex projects, is deeply rooted in this company and widely recognized by their global customers. Techedge‘s DNA, complemented with the strong business competences, makes Techedge digital to the core.

Every day, Techedge helps clients from different industries integrate their platforms and processes to achieve the agility, modernity and governance required to succeed in today’s business scenario.

Techedge’s solutions and services cover a broad range of topics, business areas and industries – allowing them to support organizations in facing all their business challenges.

Main services are:

  • SAP S/4 HANA
  • Customer Experience
  • Data Intelligence
  • Cloud Expedition
  • Industry 4.0
  • Corporate & Business Functions
  • Artificial Intelligence

Software Atelier
Specific challenges require specific solutions. Techedge‘s Software Atelier is here to help, tailoring high-quality, perfectly fit solutions for their customers’ needs.

Techedge‘s Modern Application Development services leverage modular, flexible technologies – Cloud, DevOps, Microservices Architectures – to design and deliver tailored solutions quickly, enabling a scalable innovation.

Their innovative startups are available to further support their clients in overcoming their peculiar challenges and gaining competitive advantage in their market.

Digital Advisory
Digital technologies are enabling extremely fast-paced changes. Placing people at the center and ensuring they are evolving at the same speed of technology is key to stay successful in times of transformation. In other words, a shift in paradigm is required: from business-centered, to people-centric.

Techedge proposes a pragmatic, tangible approach to digital transformation: leveraging on design-thinking methodologies paired with their technological DNA and ability to execute, we help companies to introduce feasible, usable innovation in their organizations.

With beNIMBL, the Techedge business division specifically focused on Digital Advisory projects, they ensure full support for customers embarking in their innovation journeys.

Why Techedge GmbH


The distinctive combination of pragmatic business vision and fast-paced, premium delivery is the value that Techedge brings to their clients.

Techedge GmbH + Cloudinary

Combining the Process and Industry Know-How, especially in the B2B Area, of Techedge and Cloudinary’s Media Asset Know How, many outstanding and innovative Media based User Journeys will be enabled.

We are developing shared consultancy and solution offerings in the following challenge fields:

Challenges Media Content Management B2B

  1. Many products, variants, but far to less pictures for guided or visual configuration
  2. Pictures are stored on file folders without any digital Sales or Marketing oriented structure
  3. There is no real video content, video based marketing and buying is not supported
  4. Picture upload from vendors is often not supported by a supplier portal
  5. There is no A/B Engine available which is controlling the conversion success of different media on the eCommerce storefronts
  6. Picture personalization – segment based – many companies are far away from that
  7. No AI available for optimizing the pictures (or at least knowing the successful media) towards different goals like conversion, segment fitting, return rates etc.
  8. Picture Based Promotion Management and Measurement of conversions is often missing in B2B Scenarios
  9. Picture Triggering Customer Journeys will be key of innovative future first touchpoints (like Field Service Triggering, Selfie based registration, Picture based Search, Comparison features, Picture based Analytics and Deconstruction…)

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