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GUESS Upgrades From Scene7 To Cloudinary For Optimal Shopping Experiences


decrease in page load time

Increased conversions on PLP and PDP

 “It was exciting to have a new, modern platform, like Cloudinary, which was much more advanced than what we were using. Cloudinary is always innovating with new functionalities and is at the forefront of modern technology. With a company the size of GUESS, that’s exactly what we needed.”

Sasha Mattison

Senior Front-End Developer and

UX manager at GUESS

Cloudinary as a Dynamic Media Classic alternative  - features comparison

Product Galleries

Build a customizable photo gallery that showcases—right there on your product pages—curated photos of shoppers enjoying your products.

Customizable viewing experience

Easily add product-customization capabilities, such as displaying merchandise in different colors and adding logos and images, on your website or mobile app, offering shoppers the ability to explore helpful preview.

Next-generation formats

Maintain a competitive edge and deliver a riveting shopping experience by displaying products in advanced formats like AVIF for images and WebM for video.

AI and automation

Bringing new products to the web used to take days, if not weeks. Cloudinary’s intelligent automation and content-aware machine-learning features render your creative process efficient, effective, and free of human errors.

Upgrade To Cloudinary from Dynamic Media Classic In Days, Not Weeks or Months

The trusted migration experts

Cloudinary is a future-ready Scene7 alternative that offers a simplified and consolidated approach to visual media management, automation, optimization and delivery. 

Over 20 major brands have painlessly and affordably migrated one million+ assets, along with taxonomy and folder structure, to Cloudinary. A fast asset migration to Cloudinary ensures immediate access to industry leading visual media innovation.

Frequently asked questions about Cloudinary as Scene7 alternative

Does the Dynamic Media Classic alternative provide visual media focus?
How does Cloudinary Intelligent Automation work?
Does Cloudinary offer integrations?

Yes! Simple integration with your existing and evolving stack with comprehensive, prebuilt connectors and widgets, including CMS, PIM, and other solutions tailored for e-commerce.

AI and machine learning is trained on the industry’s largest media dataset for intelligent automation at all stages of the media-asset lifecycle.

Yes! Purpose-built for the entire rich-media lifecycle with support for all key formats, including lightweight, cutting-edge and emerging ones like AR, 3D, and 360.

How does tagging work with Cloudinary vs Scene7?
Who are Dynamic Media Classic competitors?
Is Cloudinary a complete Dynamic Media Classic replacement?

There are several DMC competitors currently on the market, however, Cloudinary has been chosen as a winning solution due to the service comparison, product capabilities and enterprise-level warranties. If you are looking for DMC services after the sunset of Scene7, contact us.

Cloudinary has a set of features and capabilities that have been historically highly valued by the customers who decided to upgrade after DMC's end of life.

Cloudinary provides AI-based tagging, so all content can be automatically tagged via plugins. Scene7 doesn't offer any automated tagging features.

What makes a Headless DAM different?

Headless DAMs don't need any UI connections, similar to a headless CMS setup. Workflows are able to be automated without complex system changes, making your time to value much faster. Scene7 doesn't offer any headless DAM capability.

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