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  FREE Basic Plus Advanced Enterprise

Upload images to a cloud-based storage

Fast image uploads: secure upload API, version management, remote upload from public URLs, direct uploading from the browser, image transformation on upload, private images support.

Safe high-end storage, leveraging Amazon S3.

Automatic backup and revision tracking

Secure redundant backup of all original images uploaded to Cloudinary.

Access historical versions of the same resource.

Tons of image manipulations & effects

Cloud-based image transformations, lazy transformations on demand, eager transformations while uploading, named transformations.

Format conversion, rounded corners, opacity manipulation, image flipping, image borders, arbitrary image rotation, automatic rotation based on aspect-ratio or EXIF data.

Image filters & effects: grayscale, black & white, sepia, brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, oil paint, vignette and pixelate, gradient fade, blur, improve, tilt shift, sharpen, color channels, vibrance, fill light and more.

Supported formats: JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, ICO, PDF, EPS, PSD, SVG, WebP.

Chain multiple transformations together.

Smart resizing & face detection based thumbnails

Image cropping, filling, fitting, padding, scaling, limiting.

Percentage based resizing, custom coordinates and gravity based cropping. Circles & ellipses cropping.

Face detection based image cropping and multiple faces detection.

Text overlays and image overlays

Embed multiple images one on top of the other, create watermarks, collages and complex effects.

Embed text on top of your images, add textual captions, attributions or copyright notices. Dynamically build advertisement banners with variable content, coupons, greeting cards, business cards and more. Choose from hundreds of available fonts or use your own custom font.

PDFs, sprites, animated GIFs, profile pictures

PDF to image conversion and thumbnail generation, multi-page PDF support, create PDF from separate images.

Sprite generation: merge multiple images into a single image (sprite), automatic CSS generation. Batch transformation of multiple sprite members.

Animated GIFs: Resize, crop and apply effects on animated GIFs. Generate animated GIFs from multiple images. Extract a single frame from an animated GIF.

Social networks profile extraction, smart cropping of profile pictures, placeholder default image support and automatic refresh of profile pictures. Supported networks - Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Gravatar.

Video thumbnail extraction from popular video sites: YouTube, Hulu, Vimeo, Animoto, Dailymotion

Fast CDN delivery with advanced caching

High performance delivery through CDN. Multiple CDN support - Amazon CloudFront and Akamai. Virtually limitless scale.

Public HTTP and secure HTTPS access to resources, multiple CDN sub-domains support and smart cache settings.

Automatic image optimization

Automatic lossless PNG, JPG, SVG and GIF (including animated GIF) size optimization. Automatic WebP delivery on supported browsers. Dynamic JPG quality control. Automatic stripping of image metadata.

Powerful dashboard and online reports

Advanced management console and analytics. Detailed reports and actionable usage insights.

Online DAM and media library

Complete online Digital Asset Management solution with both interactive and full API access. Upload images individually or in bulk, browse existing images, tag images, view and edit image metadata and more.

RESTful APIs, intuitive URL based transformations

Secure RESTful APIs: image upload API, raw files upload API, image tag management API, dynamic URL based API and administration & backoffice API.

Image metadata and semantic data extraction

Easy access to image's Exif, IPTC and XMP information.

Semantic data extraction: predominant colors detection, color histogram and coordinates of detected faces.

Image moderation

Cloudinary includes a complete manual image moderation solution to fit into your existing image management pipeline. The service includes a UI console to view and moderate selected uploaded images, and API access to the moderation queues with relevant callbacks.

Integration SDKs for web & mobile frameworks

Ruby on Rails integration: open source GEM library, CarrierWave plugin, ActiveRecord integration, view helper methods, fast migration tool, replacing RMagick, MiniMagick, ImageMagick and other misspelled magics.

Python and Django: open source Python library, PyPI package available, template helper methods.

Node.js: open source Node.js library, NPM package available, view building helper functions.

PHP: open source PHP library, full sample projects available, view helper methods.

.NET: open source .NET library, NuGet package available, view helper methods.

Javascript and jQuery: open source jQuery plugin, client-side image transformation support, direct upload from browser to Cloudinary.

AngularJS: open source Angular plugin.

Perl: open source Perl library, Mojolicious integration.

Java: open source Java library.

Scala: open source Scala library.

iOS: open source iOS SDK, safe mobile upload support.

Android: open source Android SDK.

PaaS integration add-ons: Heroku, Window Azure, EngineYard, AppFog, cloudControl.

Support - forums, tickets, email, online chat

Third party add-ons

Cloudinary takes care of your entire image management pipeline. With Cloudinary Add-ons, you can enhance your images even further with powerful functionality.

Cloudinary's add-ons enable automatic image moderation, image categorization, smarter cropping, advanced image compression, face attributes detection, website screenshot generation and more, through a single click integration.

All add-ons are available via simple Cloudinary API calls without requiring separate manual integration with each external service, delivering a seamless image rich web and mobile experience.

Backup to your own S3 bucket

Role-based multi-user administration

Give multiple users access to your Cloudinary online administration console. Users can be associated with four different roles: Admin, Technical Admin, Billing, Editor. Non-admin users have limited access to different areas of the online console based on their roles.

User administration can be used in conjunction with our multi-account support to manage all your Cloudinary users and brands from a single online management console.

Dedicated CDN Distribution

Dedicated S3 buckets

Custom domain (CNAME) support

Authenticated URLs

Multi-account support

With our multi-accounts feature, you can manage multiple different Cloudinary account (brands) under a single master paying account. All your accounts will share the master account's quotas, and will be managable from a single dashboard.

Dedicated integration engineer

Store assets on your own AWS S3

Leverage your existing CDN account (e.g., Akamai)

Frequently Asked Questions:

    What is Cloudinary for?

    Cloudinary is an end-to-end image management solution for your website and mobile apps. Cloudinary covers everything from image uploads, storage, manipulations, optimizations to delivery.

    You can easily upload images to the cloud, automatically perform smart image manipulations without installing any complex software. All your images are then seamlessly delivered through a fast CDN, optimized and using industry best practices.

    Cloudinary offers comprehensive APIs and administration capabilities and is easy to integrate with new and existing web and mobile applications.

    Can I try Cloudinary before I buy?

    Of-course. Cloudinary has a fully-featured free plan available. Sign up takes just a few seconds and you're ready to go. Sign up now!

    Is the free plan limited?

    You can use the free plan for as long as you want. If your usage requirements ever grow above the free plan's generous usage limits, you can easily upgrade to the plan that best fits your needs.

    What does the price include?

    Cloudinary's pricing covers your end-to-end image-related costs - image management, processing, transformations, effects and manipulation features, all managed storage and IO costs and all image viewing bandwidth usage & requests costs while delivering images through Akamai's CDN, and of-course the service itself (APIs, SDKs, admin console, support, availability, etc.).

    Cloudinary's price will always be more cost effective than doing all of this in-house.

    My website serves lots of TBs of bandwidth. Can you help me?

    Of-course. Cloudinary can handle virtually limitless amount of image uploads, transformations and deliveries. Contact us and tell us about your unique requirements. We'll tailor a plan perfect for your needs.

    How easy it is to integrate Cloudinary with my web or mobile application?

    Integration with Cloudinary is very straightforward. In addition, we have client libraries for all popular development frameworks, thorough documentation, easy to use APIs, and great support. We've got you covered :)

    Who uses Cloudinary?

    Many thousands of websites and mobile applications world-wide. You can see a few of our clients featured on our homepage. Check out what people are saying about us on Twitter.

    What happens if I exceed plan limits?

    Cloudinary's limits are soft limits. Once you exceed these, we'll ping and ask you nicely to upgrade to a plan that best covers your needs.

    How do I upgrade?

    You can upgrade your free or paid account at any time from your management console. Just click any of the upgrade links. You will be discounted for the unused monthly period of your previous plan.

    What Content Delivery Network (CDN) do you use?

    Once on Cloudinary, all of your website's images will be optimized, cached and served via Akamai.

    Can I put a CDN or caching layer in front of Cloudinary?

    Yes, but not with our off-the-shelf plans. Please contact us if you need a custom quote with your own CDN.

    Where are my uploaded images stored?

    Once uploaded to Cloudinary, your images are safely stored on Cloudinary's Amazon S3 account using multiple backups and multi-region redundancies. If you wish, we can automatically back your images to your own S3 as well (available to any of our paid plans), or you can use our APIs to browse your existing images and copy them to your own storage solution. Our Premium customers can choose to store their Cloudinary raw assets on their own S3, managing redundancies and availability themselves.

    Can I host any type of content on Cloudinary?

    Yes. Cloudinary offers a complete image-management solution, but will manage any file type you throw at it, including videos, textual files and more. Cloudinary will serve such non-image files as-is. Do notice that you can not use Cloudinary to manage illegal or highly controversial content. If you're uncertain whether your files fall into this category, you may want to read our TOS and our CDN partner's Acceptable Use Policy.

    What are Total Images and Monthly Images?

    Cloudinary monitors the original images you're managing with us and the derived images (thumbnails) you are generating from your originals. Our total images and monthly images count both the originals and the derived images.

    I'm already using Cloudinary and I have a question. Help?

    You can post a message on our support site, or email Feedback, partnerships and general inquiries? Contact us here.