Powerful URL-based transformations

This simple URL performs on-the-fly face detection based cropping of an uploaded image. The generated image is automatically delivered through a fast CDN. Learn more...

Easy integration with your development platform

Cloudinary’s client-side integration libraries offer simple interface with the Cloudinary service for: Ruby on Rails, PHP, Python & Django, .NET, Node.js, Java, Android, iOS, jQuery and more.
<%= cl_image_tag("sheep.jpg", :width => 100, :height => 130, :crop => :fill) %>
<?php echo cl_image_tag("sheep.jpg",
                        array("width" => 100, "height" => 130, "crop" => "fill")); ?>
cloudinary.image("sheep.jpg", { width: 100, height: 130, crop: "fill" })
cloudinary.CloudinaryImage("sheep.jpg").image(width=100, height=130, crop="fill")
$.cloudinary.image("sheep.jpg", { width: 100, height: 130, crop: "fill" })
  new Transformation().width(100).height(130).crop("fill")).imageTag("sheep.jpg");
  new Transformation().Width(100).Height(130).Crop("fill")).
CLTransformation *transformation = [CLTransformation transformation];
[transformation setParams: @{@"width": @100, @"height": @130, @"crop": @"fill"}];

NSString *url =
  [cloudinary url:@"sheep.jpg" options:@{@"transformation": transformation}];
  new Transformation().width(100).height(130).crop("fill")).generate("sheep.jpg");

New! Cloudinary Add-ons

Enhance your Cloudinary-based image management pipeline even further with Imagga smart cropping, URL2PNG screenshots, JPEGMini image compression, WebPurify automatic image moderation, Aspose document conversion, ReKognition face attribute detection and more.

Customers, Testimonials, Buzz

  • “Cloudinary really helped us create
    a photo intensive UI in almost zero effort.
    You should definitely give it a try!”

    Erez Dickman, eBay
    Head of Engineering - Israel Innovation Center
  • “I was a bit skeptical when I first read
    about Cloudinary, but after five minutes
    of goofing around with it I’m sold.”

  • “Cloudinary solved all our image related headaches. Even if you have a working solution, Cloudinary will do it better.”

    Eric Hochberger, Mediavine
    Founder and head of development
  • “Cloudinary is a very useful service for
    any image processing needs without
    anything server-side.”

  • “Totally amazed by Cloudinary.
    Should be part of every front-end
    dev's toolkit!”

    Hesam Hosseini, Bunch
  • “Imagine having an API for images... Here to offer you that convenience is a web service called Cloudinary.”

  • “Not usually a fan of image pipeline add-ons, but Cloudinary is hot. Face detection, cropping, etc...”

    Ryan Daigle, Heroku
    Product Manager, Content Engineer & Developer
  • “Cloudinary offers a cloud-based solution for storing, processing and delivering web assets.”

  • “Cloudinary is super awesome.
    Must-use service if you need to deal
    with images.”

    Yuki Nishijima
    Enterprenuer and developer
  • “Cloudinary is a step forward for web app developers, which allow them to concentrate on building their apps.”

  • “We just launched SpunApp today
    using you guys for our image management. Love it!”

    Rick Mangi, Broadcastr
    Head of Technology
  • “Using Cloudinary for managing & delivering your resources significantly improves the performance of your site.”

  • “The really unique thing: Cloudinary offers all kinds of image manipulations & transformations on-the-fly.”

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