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Video API

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Cloudinary’s dynamic video solution lets you

  • Reduce bandwidth up to 60% with automatic video transcoding
  • Go from video upload to delivery across any channel or device in minutes
  • Implement user-generated or shoppable video in days not months

Product Capabilities & features

High performant video

Dynamic video transcoding with support for
latest formats and codecs like H.264, HEVC, VP9 and AV1.

Adaptive bitrate streaming ensures highest quality video without interruptions or buffering.

Built for enterprise with multi-CDN and dynamic switching to the fastest route possible.

Automated video workflows

Dynamically adapt for web, mobile app, social and IoT with AI-based transformations such as crop, reframe or preview.

Programmatically add layers to video for custom branding, personalization and more.

Generate videos at scale with flexible, reusable templates.

Video API publish quick

User-generated video at scale

Pre-built widget for fast, flexible upload from camera, social media and more.

Enhance and normalize user-generated video to consistent user experience.

AI-based video moderation to filter out offensive content and preserve brand identity.

Customer Reviews

On-brand video experience

Customizable video player widget with player controls, skins, background themes, subtitles.

Built-in shoppable video functionality with configurable UI and product array.

Pre-built integrations with analytics, CMS, e-Commerce systems and more.

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Bleacher Report Scores with
Real-Time Video Highlights

Increase in total video views per month
Increase in monthly highlight video views in the app

“Speed to market is paramount for our video highlights solution, and it was a huge consideration in choosing to work with Cloudinary for this project. Not only were we able to implement the full solution in a matter of weeks, we are now able to deliver sports video highlights within minutes.”

— David Marks, Senior Director of Engineering for Bleacher Report



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