Video API for Transcoding, Optimized Streaming, and Delivery

Video API

Engage and convert with AI as you build and deliver video with an API for your entire workflow, from creation to consumption.

Global brands deliver captivating videos with Cloudinary.

Create once, deliver everywhere

Video is becoming the new norm for visual storytelling yet it’s way too complex. Delivering video content in today’s competitive world demands an intelligent approach that provides speed and performance. Cloudinary enables you to easily manage, optimize, and deliver engaging video experiences to your customers everywhere, at scale.

Video API for developers

Real-time video transcoding

Dynamically transcode videos to any format or
automatically deliver them in the most efficient
format and codec—with no manual tasks or lag

Content-aware compression

Accelerate loading and play more smoothly
through automated adjustments of the
quality-compression level and encoding of the
settings based on the content.

On-the-fly video transformation

Transform videos programmatically to fit graphic
designs, add image and video overlays, tack on
captions, or trim the content.

shoot to screen

Tap into the power of an online video platform

Customer story

Hinge Logo
Hinge manages images and videos with Cloudinary by uploading them from various device types, resizing and cropping images on the fly, and optimizing their formats and quality for an ideal user experience.

“We are thrilled to highlight that videos with Cloudinary are having a positive impact on performance and user engagement. Cloudinary’s simplicity, automation, and ability to scale made the choice clear–and we haven’t lost sleep since.”
– Hinge

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Publish fast with AI and automation

Adapt for mobile and social

Crop and reframe videos at scale to create vertical, square, and other aspect ratios. Accurately generate transcripts and subtitles with speech-to-text AI.

Boost engagement at scale

Draw up previews with captivating moments curated by machine learning.

Moderate content

Block offensive material.

Generate video thumbnails, instantly

Easily generate thumbnails by specifying their frame and format in the delivery URL.

Additionally, you can resize, crop, and enhance generated thumbnails to match your graphic design and layout.

Video API Thumbnail Select

Maintain a single source of truth

Manage all your videos in one centralized library,
organized in folders, subfolders, and collections
with controlled sharing.

Automatically tag videos with AI, extract and
store embedded metadata, and intelligently
handle structured metadata for a search-friendly

Collaborate across teams and share
work-in-progress assets for review, feedback, and

Video API Single Source

Customize the viewing experience

Embed videos anywhere on the web

Leverage Cloudinary’s responsive, HTML5 video-player API with built-in adaptive
streaming, analytics, custom playlists, and
content recommendations.

Deliver an adaptive streaming experience

Effortlessly use adaptive bitrate streaming to
adjust the stream quality in real time based
on the viewing bandwidth and CPU capacity.

Tailor the experience to be on brand

Configure the player, change the theme and
colors, add your logo, and show or hide
controls with a player studio

Live stream from any device

Broadcast live from any source with RTMP
and share the footage on the web, including
social channels, with adaptive streaming and
on-demand viewing.

Video API Video Effects

Video Settings


Adjust and optimize the video bitrate according to the video content to conserve bandwidth and storage space.


Automatically control the codec, video profile, and level to use for normalizing and optimizing videos for the web.


Restrict access to the original video and/or derived versions with authentication via signed-URLs, cookies, or tokens.

Deliver efficiently via global CDNs

Leverage your preferred CDN—Akamai, Fastly, or CloudFront—without integration or maintenance hassles.

Alternatively, deliver worldwide via multiple CDNs with dynamic switching between providers to route traffic on the fastest-possible path.

Rest assured that advanced caching techniques and dynamic URL-based optimization seamlessly and efficiently deliver videos to audiences around the world.

Video API Global CDNs



Best practices on uploading, sharing, and editing your video content.

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