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Live streaming

Last updated: Aug-03-2022

Cloudinary provides an end-to-end live video streaming solution supporting both WebRTC and RTMP and outputting using adaptive bitrate streaming.

  • WebRTC streaming enables live streaming with on-the-fly video effects and transformations via a dedicated JavaScript library. Although the maximum duration for a live stream is one hour, WebRTC is great for device compatibility, making it most suitable for embedding in your own web or mobile application and allowing your users to start live streaming from any device via their web browser.

    WebRTC live streaming is currently in Beta and available for accounts that use the default US-based data center. There may be minor changes to parameter names or other implementation details before the general access release. We invite you to try it out. We would appreciate any feedback via our support team.
  • RTMP is initialized via an API call to Cloudinary and returns an RTMP input URI for use with dedicated streaming software and hardware. You can use RTMP to stream your own video to your users via various platforms.

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