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Video Player events and analytics

Last updated: Oct-31-2023

You can register to a variety of video player events and then use these events to create custom video player controls or to trigger other custom behaviors in your application.

Additionally, many of these events can be tracked for Google Analytics or other analytics trackers.

Using video events

The video player supports standard HTML5 video player events as well as several specific Cloudinary video player events.

For example, you can define a set of percentages that will trigger the percentsplayed event and then perform some operation when the player reaches any of those points. Below, the captured percentages are written to the console log:

Take a look at the Events sample on the Video Player demo page to see some of the events that are triggered as you perform operations on the video player.

Available events

For details on all available events, see Events in the Video Player API Reference.

Tracking video player analytics

You can easily track and view your video player events using the Cloudinary video analytics. Alternatively, you can use the above events to manually capture your data for sending to Google Analytics.

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