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Analyze API reference (Beta)

Last updated: Feb-05-2024

The Analyze API is currently in development and is available as a Public Beta, which means we value your feedback, so please feel free to share any thoughts with us.

The Analyze API is the prototype for version 2 of Cloudinary's APIs, and this reference contains all the information and syntax you need to start interacting with the Analyze API, which can currently analyze any external asset. The reference is generated from our OpenAPI specification files and includes a variety of example requests and responses.

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V2 - What's new?

  • Exposed via OpenAPI: API specification encoded in a YAML to reflect commonly understood API concepts. The detailed and stateless design is suitable for extensive computational tasks.
  • Up-to-date standards: API endpoints that follow up-to-date standards while providing a more granular level of control.
  • Modularity and flexibility: Granular API endpoints allow customers to perform specific actions independently, providing greater flexibility in workflows. They can choose to execute only the necessary steps, enabling customization and optimization based on their unique requirements.
  • Better developer experience: Improving Cloudinary API standards for better data validation and understanding.
  • Improved efficiency: Separating functionalities enables customers to streamline their operations and eliminate unnecessary steps, leading to improved efficiency and reduced processing time.
  • Better error handling and troubleshooting: Structured errors make error handling and troubleshooting more manageable, and make it easier to identify and isolate issues with granular error handling.
  • Improved security standards: Applying improved authorization and authentication standards.
  • Future-proofing and scalability: Ensuring scalability for future needs. As Cloudinary introduces new features and capabilities, and allows for easy integration of new functionalities without disrupting existing workflows.


OpenAPI spec:

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