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Last updated: Apr-08-2024

Cloudinary offers a range of guides that describe available features and present common use-cases, including detailed code examples in all supported programming languages.

Feature guides


Use Cloudinary's APIs and SDKs to upload your media assets in bulk

  • Programmatically upload images, videos, or any other file
  • Create upload presets to define upload options for various use cases
  • Embed the Upload Widget in your app
  • and much more...

Transform and Customize

Programmatically generate endless variations from each asset

  • Resize and crop to your desired sizes
  • Add layers such as text or image overlays
  • Apply a wide variety of visual effects
  • Trim your videos to your required duration
  • and much more...

Manage and Analyze

Manage and get AI-based analysis of your images and videos

  • Programmatically search or update assets
  • Automatically add metadata and moderate assets
  • Return advanced AI analyses on your stored media
  • and much more...

Optimize and Deliver

Automatically deliver optimal size and quality assets for every device

  • Automate image and video optimization
  • Deliver images responsively
  • Embed the Product Gallery to present your product images and videos
  • and much more...

Use-case guides

Video APIs

Transcode, customize, analyze, and deliver video at scale

  • Learn about some best practices and use cases for video with Cloudinary
  • Provide the best video experience for your users with the Cloudinary Video Player
  • Understand and optimize your video content by analyzing your video delivery metrics
  • and much more...

AI In Action

AI-powered features to effortlessly transform, manage, and moderate your images and videos

  • Use generative AI to automatically add pixels that integrate seamlessly into the picture
  • Ensure you keep the content that matters when cropping using AI
  • Save yourself hours of manually analyzing images by using AI for tagging and moderation
  • and much more...

Native Mobile Best Practices

Best practices to get you started with mobile development and the Cloudinary mobile SDKs

  • Discover the available mobile SDKs for creating native apps
  • Learn how to optimize and deliver your media on native mobile
  • Get some tips and pointers on how to make the most of Cloudinary on mobile
  • and much more...

Add-on guides


Enhance your experience with a range of Cloudinary add-ons

  • Perform analysis and automatically tag your assets
  • Choose from a selection of moderation add-ons
  • Use add-ons to apply additional transformations
  • and much more...

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