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Last updated: Nov-14-2023

Cloudinary offers a range of guides that describe available features and present common use-cases for the available Cloudinary products and features, including detailed code and use case examples where relevant.

Media Upload

Upload images, videos, or any other file type from almost any source using a secure and comprehensive API. Upload from server-side code, directly from the browser or from a mobile application.

Image Transformations

Upload an original image once and let Cloudinary generate different versions from the original, on the fly or in advance, from an extensive list of image transformations.

Video Transformations

Upload an original video once and let Cloudinary generate different versions from the original, on the fly or in advance, from an extensive list of video transformations.

Image and Video Optimization

Deliver images and videos with the smallest possible file size while maintaining visual quality to improve your Core Web Vitals score and the end user experience.

Media Delivery

Deliver your media assets, using a variety of delivery options. Optimize your images with the smallest file size while maintaining visual quality, generate responsive images to perfectly fit any device and display, and fetch remote media files from anywhere on the Internet.


Learn about available features for programmatically managing assets, backups, webhook notifications and other developer administrative tasks.

Video At Scale

Discover best practices for uploading, transforming, streaming and delivering optimized videos, gain insights with video analytics, embed the Cloudinary Video Player and live stream your video content to users across multiple platforms.

AI In Action

From generative AI transformations to advanced content analysis, and even AI-driven video playback features, discover how to leverage AI to create, refine, and moderate your media with precision and creativity.

Native Mobile Best Practices

Learn about the different considerations to take into account when uploading, optimizing and delivering media for native mobile applications. Get started with mobile development using Cloudinary and the mobile SDKs.


Embed Cloudinary widgets in your applications to provide additional functionality for your users with just a few lines of code. These include the Upload Widget, Media Library Widget, Media Editor, and the Product Gallery.


Register for a variety of add-ons that offer unique image and/or video processing or delivery capabilities. Some of these are based on advanced Cloudinary AI functionality and others provide special functionality from a variety of vision and media processing partners.

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