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Basic asset management

Last updated: Apr-08-2024

Alongside upload functionality, the Cloudinary Upload API provides additional methods for managing, organizing, and creating media assets. All the methods in the Upload API are not rate-limited and can be used as needed.

The Cloudinary Admin API also has useful rate-limited methods for administering and organizing your files, such as listing all uploaded assets, listing tags, finding all assets that share a given tag, updating transformations, bulk deleting, etc. See the documentation on the Admin API for more information.

Additionally, the Cloudinary Media Explorer bridges the gap for you between efficient asset management in code and an online user interface (UI) to your asset library.

Page Description
Media Explorer View, browse and search the assets in your media repository, using an intuitive interface focused on helping you learn and onboard quickly.
List assets List the assets uploaded to your product environment.
Update assets Apply actions on existing assets.
Delete assets Delete assets from your product environment.
Rename assets Rename an asset's public ID.
Relate assets Establish relationships between assets based on specific organizational needs and criteria.

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