DAM release notes: March 22, 2023

Last updated: Mar-22-2023

Cloudinary DAM release notes are published periodically and give you a quick overview of all the new features, enhancements, and fixes that have been recently released for DAM Admins and Media Library Users. When relevant, they may also give sneak previews of upcoming features and/or other important announcements.

New features

Dynamic collections (Beta)

Administrators can now create collections that are automatically populated with assets that match specified filter criteria. Learn more.

Dynamic collection

This feature is available to DAM customers on a paid plan. Contact support to enable it for your selected product environments.


Changes to the Manage page header

The Manage page header now provides better feature accessibility and ease of use:

  • The close (X) button is now located on the far right, like in the other Media Library modals.
  • The main action elements on the page are now the Share and Edit pull-down buttons that offer a selection of sharing and editing options, depending on user permissions.
  • The (3-dot) options menu is now located to the left of the pull-down buttons. Learn more.

Manage page header

Transformed assets accessible in Grid view

Users can now download a single transformed asset (an asset variation generated when applying a transformation preset) from Grid view, instead of having to navigate to the Manage page. Learn more.

Download nested menu


  • Assets removed from collections are now removed permanently, and no longer reappear unexpectedly.

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