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Future Alert - Cloudinary Video Creative Automation is on the horizon, care to walk with us towards it? YES, I DO!

Cloudinary for e-commerce

We help brands deliver better customer engagement, faster time-to-market and higher conversions across all digital touchpoints.

Providing image and video solutions that support the management, transformation, and optimization of visual media assets.

How companies use Cloudinary to bring their brands to life online

10,001+ employees
Los Angeles, CA

An antiquated image management system, incompatible with modern browsers, was making it increasingly difficult for GUESS to deliver an exceptional user experience.

With greater automation and continued technological innovation, Cloudinary has driven greater efficiency and organization in workflows while significantly improving performance for even the most image-rich pages.

  • 40% decrease in page load time
  • Increased conversions on PLP and PDP
  • Saving the team hours each week

“Customer experience is a priority for us. We are nothing if we don’t have great visuals. And with Cloudinary we are confident that our customers are always getting the best experience.”

— Sasha Mattison, senior front-end developer and UX manager

Elevate your brand aesthetic
with next level experiences

Rich media adds depth and context to the customer journey, providing an immersive user experience that brings your product and services to life.

Inspire with Video

Leverage innovative AI technology to power engaging experiences

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Engage with User Generated Content

Increase brand engagement with authentic content created by fans and influencers

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Personalize at Scale

Improve conversion and deliver highly customized shopping experiences

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Go from Photoshoot to Web in Minutes

Shorten time-to-market by automatically creating stories for web, mobile, and social

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Easily integrate Cloudinary with any tech stack

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Easily integrate Cloudinary with any tech stack

Cloudinary simplifies commerce web and mobile development with easy to use APIs integrated with industry leading frameworks — Projects take weeks, not months


Salesforce Commerce Cloud is one of the industry’s most agile and scalable e-commerce platforms.

Cloudinary Salesforce Commerce Cloud cartridge enables you to simplify and automate the process of manipulating, optimizing, and delivering images and videos throughout your entire Commerce Cloud store, including product images and videos, category assets, and site catalogs.

Cloudinary’s Page Designer integration allows marketers to automatically and optimally adapt an image or a video for incorporation to any layout or designed use in Page Designer.


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Best practices, trends, and insights on how leading e-commerce players use digital media to transfrom their customer experience.

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This webinar enables you to deploy products faster using dynamic media technologies.

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Our guide to building the ultimate e-commerce website

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Future Alert

Cloudinary Video Creative Automation is on the horizon,
care to walk with us towards it?