Cloudinary Image and Video Platform for E-commerce

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50% reduction

in photoshoot-to-web

2.2% increase

in conversions

Paul Smith

45% higher

video-enabled sales

Elevate digital e-commerce with powerful visuals

Automatically create and deliver AI-powered e-commerce experiences faster, that increase conversions, and boost sales.

AI optimizations to ensure the right image format and better website performance

  • AI detects the best format to deliver high-quality images and videos at scale, tailored for any device, browser, and connection speed.
  • Fast, reliable content delivery with Cloudinary’s global multi-CDN solution, ensuring high redundancy and dynamic traffic routing.


Faster roll-out of new product experiences on multiple channels

  • Generative Recolor reduces publishing time by creating color variations from a single asset, no need for reshoots.
  • Generative Fill expands images with matching content to perfectly fit various aspect ratios at scale.
  • Object-aware cropping for image and video resizes and crops an image while retaining essential elements.
  • A dynamic, multimedia display where non-technical users can rapidly create product experiences without custom development.

Integrate authentic content into your e-commerce strategy

  • Automatic quality detection identifies and corrects blurry or low-quality images.
  • AI automatically quality-detects and corrects blurry or low-quality images.
  • Make all UGC on-brand by removing unwanted text or objects.
  • Add logos or other branded elements to UGC to reduce the cost of creating branded content.

A single, streamlined platform

  • Use the Media Library widget to search, select, and insert assets directly into experiences from within your application of choice.
  • Integrate Cloudinary capabilities into your tech stack with prebuilt integrations for industry-leading platforms like commercetools, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, and more.
  • APIs to unlock more functionality through custom integrations.


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