Performance Optimization

Deliver fast, visually engaging web experiences

Increase page speed by delivering maximum byte savings per page without compromising fidelity.

Optimization Comparison

The fastest websites use Cloudinary for high performance

Automated media optimization for accelerated web performance

Deliver optimized visual media assets in the format and quality best suited for any device, browser, and connection speed.

Web Performance Optimization

Bleacher Report Scores with Real-Time Video Highlights Delivered by Cloudinary

Increase in total video views per month
Increase in monthly highlight video views in the app

“Speed to market is paramount for our video
highlights solution, and it was a huge consideration
in choosing to work with Cloudinary for this project.
Not only were we able to implement the full solution
in a matter of weeks, we are now able to deliver
sports video highlights within minutes.”

— David Marks, Senior Director of Engineering for Bleacher Report

Product Capabilities & Features

Automatically deliver images and videos in optimal formats

Quality-led optimizations deliver high-fidelity images and videos to your users with maximum byte savings.

Auto formats

Reduce video buffering and bandwidth

Dynamically select video size and format based on end users device and bandwidth. Ensure smooth, uninterrupted video experience with adaptive bitrate streaming

Improving site performance increases engagement and decreases bounce rates

Maximize compression for hero images and large carousels while maintaining true visual fidelity.

Converts images into newer formats like AVIF, JPEG XL, JPEG 2000, or WebP.

Automatically delivers images through auto-resizing and gravity selection.

Optimize Large Assets

Reliable, high-speed, high-redundancy delivery

Leverage an extensive global delivery network through Cloudinary’s multi-CDN solution.

Dynamic switching between CDN providers routes traffic on the fastest-possible path.

multi cdn



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Learn how images and videos with the smallest possible file size while maintaining visual quality.

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