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Image Collage Generation: How We Pieced it All Together

Written By Lidar Ben Porat

Imagine being able to create a beautiful collage of digital images automatically, on a mass production scale, with unknown inputs, in any layout. For example, you could create:  A product page gallery collage that you can share with a clickAn album or gallery of real estate or travel properties to…

Dynamic Media With Composable CMS Power Fast, Visual Experiences Everywhere

Written By Shelby Britton

The momentum behind composable (or, if you prefer, agile or headless) Content Management Systems (CMS) continues gaining steam as brands realize improvements in efficiency, innovation, and digital experience performance. At the same time, customer demand for visual-first experiences seems insatiable. So brands find themselves trying to juggle creating numerous media-rich…

Automatically Reduce Image Size Without Losing Quality

Written By Meir Feinberg

One of the main optimization challenges for website and mobile developers is how to display sufficiently high quality images to their visitors while minimizing the image file size. A smaller image file size can lead to faster load times, reduced bandwidth costs and an improved user experience. The problem…

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