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How to Upload Multiple Images at Once in React

Written By Christian Nwamba

Ever implemented an upload file feature with React using an npm package, but it doesn’t have options for selecting multiple images? In thisarticle, we’ll solve that challenge by implementing a simple React app where users can select multiple images. Prerequisites You should have: Knowledge of JavaScript and React…

Speed, Control, and Insights in Cloudinary’s Latest Innovations

Written By Aditya Ghule

Further demonstrating the Cloudinary commitment to developing the tools brands need to get more from their investment in video, this month’s release focuses on, you guessed it, video. First, with the new video analytics reporting tool that provides the engagement insights you need to improve and develop a better marketing…

An AI Batch Editor For Your Photos

Written By Ben Hacohen

A recent study of online activity revealed that, on average, a person will be exposed to anywhere from 6 to 10,000 ads a day. Not only is that a lot of ads, that’s a lot of imagery. Images that are typically edited individually, manually, by legions of armies of devs…

Batch AI

Managing Image Programmatically with Cloudinary — React Native

Written By Adi Mizrahi

As mobile developers, we find ourselves in a battle where we are trying to create the most excellent applications. Still, the most excellent applications require rich media, images, videos, animations, and more! Lately, I started playing around with the React Native framework which was originally developed by Facebook…

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