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Crafting Compelling Narratives: The Developer’s Guide to Video Storytelling

Written By the Cloudinary Team

There’s a human story behind every line written, every challenge conquered, and every solution deployed. As developers, we’re often deep in the technical details, occasionally missing out on the compelling narratives our endeavors weave. Video storytelling is a potent medium, linking the tech-savvy minds to the heartbeats that drive technological…

Svelte for Beginners: Getting Started With Cloudinary

Written By Geoff Rich

There are many JavaScript frameworks on the market today, and Svelte is one of the most exciting. Unlike other frameworks like React or Vue that do most of their work at runtime, Svelte compiles your component code for maximum efficiency and performance. It often scores highly in industry surveys —…

Mobile Development Trends of 2023

Written By Adi Mizrahi

The world of mobile app development is akin to a bustling metropolis, with innovation as its lifeblood. The pulse of this industry quickened, propelling us toward transformative trends that reshaped the way we engage with others, work, and learn. Check out the trends that redefined our digital landscape in 2023.

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