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Video CDN: Why You Need It and Top 5 Video CDNs

Written By the Cloudinary Team

What Is a Video CDN? A content delivery network (CDN) is a set of servers that cache and deliver content over the Internet. Each server is known as a point of presence (PoP).  Whenever a user requests content from a website, the CDN caches the content in a PoP physically…

AJAX File Upload – Quick Tutorial & Time Saving Tips

Written By Prosper Otemuyiwa

File upload through AJAX techniques? The process can be complicated because of the large amount of code, let alone the diligent tasks involved, including: Setting up an XMLHttpRequest instance Setting up various handlers on the XMLHttpRequest object Setting up a back end to accept data from the AJAX request…

Search: DAM’s Final Frontier

Written By Maxwell Mabe

As the demand for rich media assets accelerates and increases, so too grows the significance of Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions in every organization. It’s not just the number of assets that are growing; the pool of DAM users has expanded to include many cross-functional and external teams—each with different…

Accelerating the Full Potential of Media at MACH One

Written By Kobi Schwarts

There’s never been more pressure on brands to deliver new and innovative ways to reimagine digital experiences. With the technology available today, brands can wow customers with content in new media formats via new device types and deliver it faster than ever. Consumers know this — and expect it, too:…

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