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Embedding Images in HTML Via Cloudinary

Written By Joel Adewole

If your website has slow-loading images, visitors are more likely to click off, increasing bounce rates and negatively impacting search engine ranking. Read how you can optimize, transform, and deliver your images with Cloudinary to improve user engagement and site performance. Getting Started With Cloudinary To get started, we’ll need…

JPEG XL and the Pareto Front

Written By Jon Sneyers

Version 0.10 of libjxl, the reference implementation for JPEG XL, has just been released. The main improvement this version brings, is that the so-called “streaming encoding” API has now been fully implemented. This API allows encoding a large image in “chunks.” Instead of processing the entire image at once,…

How Automated Media Management and Composable Commerce Drive ROI for IT

Written By the Cloudinary Team

A recent Gartner study reported that worldwide spending on IT is expected to hit $5 trillion, with IT services earning a third of the total spend. This marks the first time IT services topped spending over communications services. The rise in spending is due to companies looking to adopt…

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