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Modern Image Formats Explained: Choosing the Best for Web Use

Written By the Cloudinary Team

The effectiveness of web content delivery depends on the choice of image formats. Modern image formats such as WebP, AVIF, JPEG XL, and JPEG LI offer advantages over traditional formats such as JPEG and PNG. This blog post examines these formats, their use cases, performance metrics, browser support, and application…

Add a Transcription to Your Video in Next.js

Written By the Cloudinary Team

Accessibility is a core factor of software development, and for websites, video transcriptions improve the user experience. Video transcriptions are instrumental in many cases, such as for viewers with hearing impairments, those in noisy environments, language learners following along with lectures, and people who prefer to consume information by reading.

How to Upload a Video to Cloudinary in Next.js App Router

Written By the Cloudinary Team

This blog post introduces a developer-friendly approach to client-side media handling challenges, leveraging Next.js App Router for video uploads to Cloudinary.  The complete source code of this project is on GitHub.  Working With Next.js…

Strategic IT Leadership in the Age of Digital Transformation

Written By the Cloudinary Team

IT leaders are a special breed. Uniquely positioned as both technical experts and strategic business partners, today’s IT leaders and CTOs hold pivotal roles that can significantly influence and impact an organization’s success. In the age of digital transformation where smarter, more efficient, and often AI-powered technologies are becoming more…

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