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How to Optimize Video for the Web Using Cloudinary

Written By the Cloudinary Team

Users from all over the world have varying quality internet connections, data caps, and many other restrictions that make it difficult to download heavy content such as images and videos. To make content viewable to users, it has to be compressed and optimized well. Cloudinary offers a myriad of ways…

4 Generative AI Trends in the Enterprise

Written By the Cloudinary Team

Generative AI has great potential to be the technology that helps organizations achieve productivity, growth, and innovation at scale. If that seemed like a secret among the most tech-savvy before, you can officially consider that secret to be blown open today: Deloitte’s recent survey of over 2,800 business and…

Deep Dive Into Responsive Images in Next.js

Written By the Cloudinary Team

Delivering an optimal image experience tailored to each user’s device and screen size is crucial. Responsive images are a key technique ensuring images load quickly, maintain crisp quality, and adapt seamlessly across various viewports. This blog post explores what responsive images are, how to implement them in a framework such…

What’s New in Composable Commerce in 2024

Written By the Cloudinary Team

Modern consumers want authenticity, hyper-personalization, and user-friendly shopping experiences, which means converting and keeping customers is more challenging than ever for e-commerce brands.  Composable commerce continues to dominate thanks to its high scalability and flexibility, but what does 2024 (and beyond) have in store for brands using, or considering adopting…

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