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2 Million Developers, and Counting

Not all developer engagements start perfectly. In fact, a recent interaction with a developer highlights the importance of making developers successful no matter the origin story. 

This one started with a public rebuke.

Seventy-two hours later, after working with this developer to solve his issues, we saw a reframing of the situation.

While our image and video product portfolio has expanded beyond our developer platform  Programmable Media to include Digital Asset Management and an entry into the low-code domain with MediaFlows, the developer audience remains central to our organizational identity. We truly believe that ensuring developer success has been critical to our 12-year run as a profitable and bootstrapped SaaS company.

Let’s talk about growth.

It took us nine years to reach our first million registrations. And just three years to reach the next million. The pace and scale with which online businesses of all sizes have to manage and deliver images and video is astounding, and we’re honored to be helping developers all over the world make lighter work of it. Whether engaging with the next generation of developers at bootcamps and meetups or with established engineering teams at Fortune 500 companies, the level of pride is the same. From enhancing a personal blog to helping grow a multi-billion dollar online business, Cloudinary helps individuals and companies of all sizes unleash the potential (and power) of their image and video assets.

There is no shortage of metrics to highlight the scale of our developer engagement over this timeframe, but here are a few that stand out, beyond the two million registration number.

  • Over 80 billion image, video, and other media assets under management.
  • Nearly 15,000 TB of stored assets.
  • 420,000 images delivered per second at peak times.
  • More than 10,000 paying customers.

Our founders, Itai, Tal, and Nadav, have each shared their unique perspectives of our company journey with specific reference why the commitment to the developer community is foundational to our success.

In addition, you’ll learn about each of their favorite features in the product. We also created this page to visually share the impact our developer conversations have had on our product and platform evolution over the years, and we hope you’ll enjoy how innovation has stemmed from these countless developer conversations. 

We strongly believe in exposing innovations to our developer community through early access partnerships, beta programs, community libraries, and Cloudinary Labs. This allows us to better understand what problems developers are looking to solve. In the last couple of months alone, we’ve introduced new capabilities such as:

  • A completely revamped video player.
  • The ability to create text or image overlays in a video and dynamically track them.
  • An enhanced downscaling algorithm that preserves more image details.
  • A new React Native SDK for even greater mobile app coverage.
  • Enabling developers to easily combine various GenAI features.

To help us celebrate, we hope you’ll share your favorite Cloudinary feature or project with us on LinkedIn, or Twitter/X, or Instagram. Simply post your transformation, short video, or animation, and tag us (@cloudinary on LinkedIn and X, @cloudinarylife on Instagram) with the hashtag #2MCloudinaryDevs. Each person who shares in the month of June will receive an entry into a random drawing for one of 50 limited-edition hoodies. 

If you don’t already have a Cloudinary account, you can create one for free here.

On behalf of 450+ Cloudinarians, I want to express our deep appreciation and gratitude to our amazing community of developers. You have inspired us, influenced our product roadmap, and have even given us a little tough love when we needed it. Thank you.

As we celebrate this milestone, we also can’t help but feel like we’re just getting started.To learn more about Cloudinary, contact us today.

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