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DevJams: Episode #13


Building a Web3 Marketplace with Cloudinary and IPFS

Daniel Duan, who is the head of engineering at Legitimate, has helped build out a truly innovative Web3 marketplace. The Drops by Legitimate project allows artists to create non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for their physical products, such as paintings, photography and even wearable items. As the artists’ product images are delivered via Cloudinary, Becky and Sam from Cloudinary’s Customer Education team sat down with Daniel for this DevJams episode. They discuss all things related to the Drops project, including a walkthrough of how Cloudinary works with IPFS for optimized, accelerated image delivery through various caching mechanisms. If you are looking for a great developer-focused introduction to Web3, NFTs, cryptocurrency and the blockchain, you won’t want to miss this DevJams episode!

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DevJams: Episode #12


Accessing Cloudinary with GraphQL in Gatsby

Tapas Adhikary, who is a frequent contributor on FreeCodeCamp.com and other developer resources, recently created an excellent image gallery with Gatsby and Cloudinary! Becky and Sam from Cloudinary’s Customer Education team sat down with Tapas to walk through his “Imaginary” project and better understand some of its components, such as its use of GraphQL and deployment via Netlify. If you are looking on building your next project with any of the mentioned technologies, this is an episode you won’t want to miss.

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DevJams: Episode #11


Connecting Cellists Globally Fullstack with Python, D3.js and Cloudinary

In classical music, knowing the people you have trained with has a lot of value! This is why Cori Lint, software engineer at Ovia Health, developed Cello Tree – a directory of cellists to show their relationships to each other. Becky and Jen on Cloudinary’s Customer Education team sit down with Cori to learn more about the project and its underlying technologies, which include Python, D3.js and Cloudinary. If you are looking to develop a side project about your passions, this is definitely a DevJams episode you won’t want to miss!

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DevJams: Episode #10


Creating GitHub Wrap with n8n, Cloudflare and Cloudinary

Many developers make tons of open-source contributions, but keeping track of all of the various commits, pull requests and other actions can be challenging. Harshil Agrawal, who is a Developer Advocate for Contentful and formerly with n8n, created a project that solves this issue – GitHub Wrap. Using technology like n8n, Cloudflare and Cloudinary, he developed this excellent product that makes it easy to get a yearlong recap of the parts developers have taken to benefit the open-source community. Sam and Becky from Cloudinary sit down with Harshil to walk through his project and show how he built it in episode #10 of DevJams.

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DevJams: Episode #9


Developing a Netlify Build Plugin to Optimize Web Media with Cloudinary

Netlify Build Plugins can add powerful capabilities to every build, thanks to an ever-growing community directory! Find out how Colby Fayock – Senior Developer Experience Engineer at Cloudinary – created a Build Plugin that automatically optimizes and converts images on a Netlify-deployed site into modern formats with Cloudinary. Our hosts Becky and Sam explore many topics with Colby in this DevJams episode, diving into all of the code that makes this plugin possible.

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DevJams: Episode #8


Creating a Work Portfolio with Heroku, Flexbox and Cloudinary

Learn how Sean Morgan – full stack web developer and illustrator – created his work portfolio with technologies like Cloudinary, Heroku and CSS flexbox layouts. Sam and Becky dive into his techniques, showing how he updates the pages via JSON listings of assets in his Cloudinary account and applies contextual metadata in the process for search engine optimization purposes. If you are building out your first portfolio to showcase your work, or just giving it a needed update, this is a DevJams episode you won’t want to miss.

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DevJams: Episode #7


Tracking Entertainment Auditions Fullstack with Python and Cloudinary

Find out in this DevJams episode how Jen Brissman – recent graduate from Hackbright Academy (and the newest member of Cloudinary’s Customer Education team!) – built a fullstack web application for storing information and media from entertainment industry auditions as her capstone project. We cover how she incorporated frontend languages such as JavaScript, Flask and Python in the backend, APIs from Cloudinary and Twilio, and all tied together with a PostgreSQL database.

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DevJams: Episode #6


Curating and Delivering Open-Source Icons With Cloudinary for Iconduck

Adding SVGs and other vector graphics to your website can be somewhat tricky! But Oliver Nassar, co-founder of Iconduck and Stencil, was able to overcome the challenges associated with these files for his projects. Find out how he did it in this in-depth DevJams episode, using Cloudinary’s transformations and other development tools.

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DevJams: Episode #5


Integrating Cloudinary, Dropbox and Postman for Product Screenshots

Creating automation and streamlining tasks can be such a powerful way for developers to make a business impact. Kyle Calica-St, who is a Product Support Engineer at Postman, was able to combine Cloudinary, Dropbox and Postman’s toolset to create a unified screenshot repository for all of his company’s teams – Documentation, Support, Marketing and more. Find out how he developed this process through his conversation with Sam and Becky at Cloudinary for this DevJams episode.

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DevJams: Episode #3


Creating Social Sharing Images with Cloudinary and Svelte

Want to know how to dynamically develop Open Graph images and Twitter Cards for your JAMstack website? Check out this discussion between Ryan Filler and Cloudinary’s Customer Education team to see how it is possible, using Svelte, Sapper, Puppeteer and Netlify Functions.

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