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Steps to making UGC Work for You

UGC images and videos are a key element brands need to consider as part of an engaging experience. As companies incorporate thousands if not millions of user-generated digital media into their web and mobile experiences, they need to consider a few things. This includes a seamless and automated workflow, that includes an efficient upload and moderation process, dynamic transformations, and a secure way to deliver across your channels for optimal performance at scale.  Fortunately Cloudinary has you covered.

Seamless Experience for Curation and Uploading of UGC

The first step to consider in your UGC journey is how customers upload their content. Parameters and guidelines need to be provided without too many stipulations, or risk users not creating anything at all. That’s where Cloudinary’s Upload Widget and automation capabilities come in handy.

File Size
Specify a maximum file size for all UGC-image uploads. If an image exceeds that maximum, Cloudinary can automatically downsize it during upload.

File Storage
You can leverage Cloudinary’s AI technology to automatically apply tags for discoverability (i.e. item description, SKU number, campaign name, and event type.)

Proactively generate multiple asset derivatives to adjust for sizes (thumbnails, social snapshots, etc) and aspect ratios for your products listing and display pages, emails or social media.

Automatically Transform and Moderate Your UGC

To create uniformity across UGC and meet brand guidelines and security protocol, you should render similar filters or color adjustments to the digital media. For example, Cloudinary can:

  • Fine-tune the saturation, brightness, and contrast levels of images and videos.
  • Specific to video, apply noise cancelations to ensure the video plays while not disrupting viewing content on your site.
  • Serve a processed asset (vs. the original asset) to ensure you are not sharing malicious content on your digital channels.
  • Moderate content using Cloudinary’s AI technology to remove inappropriate, offensive, or harmful content, while meeting brand standards.

Deliver UGC Content Across Your Global Channels

Visuals are effective only if the viewing experience is ideal, so you must deliver UGC assets at the highest quality with the shortest load time across devices and browsers. With Cloudinary, you can automate that process.

  • Serve a processed asset (vs. the original) to ensure malicious content is not shared on your digital channels.
  • Auto-format images and videos to determine the best display format based on the user’s browser.
  • Automatically display high-res quality assets at the smallest size possible without losing visual degradation.
  • Add an automatic-cropping feature to ensure focus on the most relevant part of the asset on all devices.

PetRescue Saving Lives Through the Power of UGC

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“Cloudinary is constantly making life easier for us and our users without us asking, as well as saving us a bunch of money.”
— John Bishop, Co-founder and joint CEO



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