Cloudinary for User-Generated and Seller-Sourced Content

Nothing sells better than word of mouth. Moderate, normalize, and optimize customer-created content.

partner-sourced images

into their product cards for the first time.

Achieved a faster time to market

with AI-powered transformations.

Paul Smith

Decreased page loading times by

30 to 40%

Nothing builds trust faster than reviews and images created by customers

AI-powered automation that moderates, normalizes, and provides quality enhancements of all UGC images and videos at scale.

Save time curating and uploading UGC

  • Gather and upload assets from user, seller, and partner sources using a prebuilt UI widget.
  • Flexible upload APIs and presets to automate storage rules and organize assets.
  • Maximize efficiency and improve discoverability by letting AI apply tags and enrich metadata for images and videos.
UGC solution

Use AI to moderate all UGC

  • Set up customizable workflows to streamline the content moderation process.
  • AI-powered moderation automatically rejects or removes images that are inappropriate or offensive.
  • Generative AI normalizes images to be on-brand by removing unwanted objects, text, and logos.

Integrate UGC into your online experiences

  • Automatically remove unwanted backgrounds, at scale, with Cloudinary AI.
  • Utilize AI to upscale and restore images for better visual quality while correcting overexposure and enriching color vividness.
  • Adapt and integrate user-generated videos to create immersive experiences at a lower cost.
UGC solutions

Deliver UGC content on all your channels

  • Auto-format images and videos to determine the best display format based on the user’s browser.
  • Automatically display high-res assets at the smallest size possible without visual degradation.
  • AI-powered object-aware cropping adapts assets for web, social, and mobile platforms, ensuring that the focus remains on the most relevant elements.




How to turn user-generated images and videos into sales.

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SOVM 2024

State of Visual Media 2024

The 5th annual State of Visual Media report looks into how the world’s most engaging brands are using visual content to connect with their customers.


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