Cloudinary’s mission is to help companies unleash the full potential of their media to create the most engaging visual experiences.



Our Story

Cloudinary was founded in 2012 by three high-tech veterans and experienced developers who continued to encounter the same set of tedious media management challenges over and over again. Like developers do, they took action and created a solution to completely change how digital media could be managed, transformed and delivered into today’s always-on, omni channel world.

Nearly a decade later, our award-winning solution is the media experience platform of choice for more than 2,000,000 developers and the media content engine fueling nearly 10,000 of your favorite brands. Reimagining and building the solutions needed to solve today’s media management challenges is what we do, and who we are.


Why Cloudinary

Media experience is everything. But behind the fast, visual-rich websites and apps you love today are technologies automating what would typically be a massive media management headache.

Cloudinary was built from the ground up by developers who knew there had to be a better way to upload, manage and deliver tens of thousands to millions of images and videos. Using artificial intelligence (AI), automation, and advanced patent-pending image and video processing capabilities, we make it easier for brands to deliver fast and flawless visual experiences at scale.

Our Customers

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Millions of people around the world experience the power of our digital media capabilities every minute of every day.

Who Are We

Cloudinarians, that’s our name and we’re proud of it. We’re among the most talented, hardest working people you’ll meet. We span the globe but are constantly connected.


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From being named the #1 best place to work to our award-winning platform and products, we couldn’t be more proud of what our growing team has accomplished.

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