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Last updated: Apr-08-2024

Whether your web or mobile application delivers your organization's own carefully selected images and video assets, images or videos uploaded by your end users (UGC), or both, you probably need to adjust your originals to fit the graphic design of your website or mobile application. You may also need to combine those originals to create new assets by layering them, animating them, and more.

Cloudinary transformations enable you to achieve these goals programmatically and at scale to automatically and dynamically generate endless variations of your original assets by simply adding the relevant combination of transformation parameters into your asset delivery URL.

Video tutorial: Transformation basics

The following video provides a quick demonstration of how dynamic transformation URLs work with both images and videos.

Learn how

Check out our detailed image and video transformation guides to learn how to implement transformations of all kinds, including plenty of code examples.

Images Videos
Basics Image transformation overview Video transformation overview
Resizing Image resizing and cropping Video resizing and cropping
Trimming & concatenating Trimming and concatenating videos
Layers Placing layers on images Placing layers on videos
Effects Image effects and enhancements Video effects and enhancements
Face-detection Face-detection based transformations
Animations Animated images Converting videos to animated images
3D models Transformations on 3D models
Audio Audio transformations
Conditions Conditional image transformations Conditional video transformations
Variables and math User-defined variables and arithmetic image transformations User-defined variables and arithmetic video transformations
Custom functions Custom functions

See also
  • Transformation URL API Reference: Details all available transformation parameters. Icons indicate which parameters are supported for each asset type.
  • How are transformations counted?: Details how various transformations are counted for your monthly billing.
  • Visit the Transformation Center in your Cloudinary Console to explore and experiment with transformations across a variety of images and videos.
  • Explore add-ons for extending core transformation and customization capabilities, such as background removal, automatic image enhancement, and more.

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