Asset usage data

There are a few locations in the Cloudinary console where you can view statistics, graphs, and other important information about your account usage. In addition, you can receive account usage information via an email notification.


Just below the account details in your Dashboard, you can view a variety of summary details and trend graphs covering your overall account usage in terms of transformations, total assets, used storage, and used bandwidth. This page also shows all add-ons you've registered to, and your current plan and usage on each.

Dashboard statistics

On the right side of the Dashboard page, you can also view your current plan and limits or upgrade to a new plan.

Account plan limits


The Reports page has a large variety of usage details that can help you to analyze how your users are interacting with your published assets. It also links to the Error report page. The image below shows selected elements of the report:

Sample DAM reports

Usage notifications

To receive email notifications of your monthly usage, or to be notified when your usage goes above a configurable threshold (paid plans only), select the relevant options in the Users tab > Email preferences section of the console settings.

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