Managing upload presets in the DAM

The Upload Preset feature enables you to make sure assets are uniformly uploaded to your account in a way that meets the needs of your organization.


Upload Presets are a predefined set of upload preferences. Common settings you can define in an upload preset include:

  • Whether the public ID of uploaded assets will include random characters or will exactly match the uploaded filename.
  • Whether to allow overwriting of existing assets.
  • Which add-ons (if any) will run on each uploaded asset, such as auto-tagging or background removal.
  • Whether uploaded assets will be moderated (either manually or automatically via add-ons).

By default, assets that are pending moderation are deliverable and available via the Media Library. If you'd like the pending assets in your account to be blocked (until approved) either from the Media Library, or from being delivered, or from both, contact support.

Configure upload presets with your desired upload options, and then use the upload presets during upload to apply the configured options.

Managing upload presets

From the Cloudinary console settings, you can create and manage upload presets, and apply the preset to assets when uploading.

Upload presets can also be created and managed programmatically. In some cases, you may need to coordinate with the developers on your team about the presets that you create and use.

To create or modify an upload preset, select Settings > Upload and then scroll to the Upload presets section.

  • Create a new upload preset by clicking Add upload preset at the bottom of the upload preset list.
  • Click Edit to modify an existing preset.
  • To base a new upload preset on an existing one, click Duplicate on the relevant upload preset. The new copy is added to the bottom of the list with a random name. You can then click Edit on the newly created upload preset to modify its name and update the settings as needed.

Upload preset console UI

The upload preset page includes several sections where you can set a variety of upload options, including whether you want the upload preset to be signed or unsigned. Only signed presets can be used as a default upload preset.

When you finish and Save your upload preset definition, the upload preset and its settings are displayed in the Upload Settings page:

Upload preset definition


  • When defining an upload preset that may be used for both image and video uploads, you can include both image-specific and video-specific upload options (e.g., for moderation or tagging add-ons) and only the relevant options will be used when a file is uploaded with that preset.
  • If Dynamic folders mode is enabled on your account, there are a variety of additional options available for upload presets, both in the UI and the API. For details, see Dynamic folders - Upload preset options and Dynamic folders - New Upload API parameters.

Media Library upload presets

To control the way all assets are uploaded, you can assign specific signed upload presets to act as the defaults for image, video, and raw uploads.

From the Media Library console settings, you can assign the default signed upload presets for uploads performed via the API and via the Media Library:

  • Default upload presets: relates to uploads performed via the API.

  • Media library's upload presets: relates to uploads performed via the Media Library.

Default upload preset settings

After you set the Media library's upload presets, the relevant default upload preset will then be applied to every asset of that type that is uploaded via the Media Library UI from that point forward, unless a different signed preset is manually selected via the Media Library Upload Widget.

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