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Last updated: Jul-19-2024

When uploading assets to your Cloudinary product environment, you can request different types of analysis to be performed on the assets. In addition to the functionality detailed below, Cloudinary has a number of add-ons that enable various types of analysis.

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Page Description
Image quality analysis Determine the quality of images uploaded to your product environment.
Accessibility analysis Analyze your images for accessibility and select the best images for people with color blindness.
Semantic data extraction Extract additional semantic data from an image such as media metadata, pHash, ETag, color histogram, and more.
Media Inspector browser extension Analyze your delivered images and videos in the browser to see the effect of the transformations and optimizations applied to the assets.
Analyze API (Beta) A method for analyzing any external asset and returning details based on the type of analysis requested.

You can also run your own analysis by specifying custom logic with JavaScript when uploading assets:
  • Evaluating and modifying upload parameters can be useful for conditionally adding tags, contextual metadata, structured metadata or eager transformations depending on specific criteria of the uploaded file. Your code will be evaluated before the file itself is uploaded.
  • Executing an update script can be useful for conditionally adding tags, contextual metadata, and structured metadata, depending on the results of using the detection parameter on upload. Your code will be evaluated after the file itself is uploaded.

Computer vision demo

Here's a small taste of what you can create with Cloudinary's vast analysis capabilities. The possibilities are endless!

In this demo, you'll be asked to upload up to 3 images. Cloudinary will analyze those assets and return the images automatically transformed accordingly, along with a description.

This code is also available in GitHub

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