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Configure the Next.js SDK (video tutorial)

Last updated: Jul-19-2024


Learn how to install and configure the community-developed Cloudinary Next.js SDK in your Next.js environment, and deliver an image from Cloudinary using the CldImage component.

Video tutorial

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Tutorial contents

This tutorial presents the following topics. Click a timestamp to jump to that part of the video.


Jump to this spot in the video  0:00 The community-developed Cloudinary Next.js SDK gives you a way to handle images and videos at scale, providing transformation, optimization and delivery capabilities that you can integrate seamlessly into your existing Next.js application. You can also use the Node.js SDK for server-side functionality.

Install the Next.js SDK

Jump to this spot in the video  1:12 To install the Cloudinary Next.js SDK, in a terminal run:

Configure Cloudinary

Jump to this spot in the video  1:21 To configure the SDK for your product environment, you can set the NEXT_PUBLIC_CLOUDINARY_CLOUD_NAME environment variable to your cloud name in your .env.local file:

Deliver an image from Cloudinary

Jump to this spot in the video  1:34 Use the CldImage component of the Next Cloudinary SDK to display an image from your Cloudinary product environment. The component takes a public ID as a prop, together with a width, height and alt text for the image. This automatically gives you an image that's optimized for format and quality, and enables you to use transformations, such as background removal (add-on required).

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