Image And Video Management In The Cloud

Cloudinary is the image back-end for web and mobile developers. An end-to-end solution for all your image-related needs.

  • Image upload service Image
  • Cloud image storage Cloud
  • Powerful Administration & API Powerful
  • Image manipulations and transformations Image
  • Fast image CDN Fast
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Still Managing Your Images In-House?

Use Cloudinary's image service instead. With simple integration that developers will love you'll get immediate access to cutting-edge image capabilities. Save R&D time, get to market faster, reduce your IT costs and improve your viewers experience.

Image upload service

Image Upload

Securely upload images or any other file, at any scale from any source. API for fast upload directly from your users' browsers or mobile apps.

Cloud image storage

Cloud Storage

Store as many images as needed. Our image hosting service stores images privately and safely with automatic backup and historical revisions.

Powerful Administration & API

Powerful Administration

Manage your media library interactively with our Digital Asset Management solution or via APIs. Gain insights using advanced analytics.

Image manipulations and transformations

Image Manipulation

Manipulate your images dynamically to fit any graphics design. Apply effects, resizing, cropping, face detection, watermarks and tons of image processing capabilities.

Fast image CDN

Fast Delivery

Get your images delivered lightning-fast, responsive and highly optimized for any device in any location. Images are served via Akamai’s worldwide CDN.

280,000 customers from startups to enterprises manage 15 000 000 000+ images with us

Features developers love

Powerful URL-based transformations

From a single hi-res image, Cloudinary can generate all your required thumbnails, on-the-fly, using a simple URL. Use face detection based cropping to perfectly frame your photos. Deliver responsive images via a fast image CDN to any device and Retina display, at any pixel density. Learn More

Easy integration with your development framework

Cloudinary’s client-side integration libraries and SDKs simplify the integration with your development platform of choice: Ruby on Rails, PHP, Node.js, Angular, .NET, Python & Django, jQuery, Java, Scala, Android, iOS and more.

Group uploaded image
Custom coordinates cropped image
<%= cl_image_tag("group.jpg", :width => 365, :height => 133, :crop => :fill) %>
<?php echo cl_image_tag("group.jpg",
                   array("width" => 365, "height" => 133, "crop" => "fill")); ?>
cloudinary.image("group.jpg", { width: 365, height: 133, crop: "fill" })
cloudinary.CloudinaryImage("group.jpg").image(width=365, height=133, crop="fill")
$.cloudinary.image("group.jpg", { width: 365, height: 133, crop: "fill" })
<cl-image public-id="group.jpg" width="365" height="133" crop="fill"/>
  new Transformation().width(365).height(133).crop("fill")).imageTag("group.jpg");
  new Transformation().Width(365).Height(133).Crop("fill")).
cloudinary.url format "jpg" transformation 
  Transformation().w_(100).h_(130).c_("fill") imageTag "group"
  new Transformation().width(365).height(133).crop("fill")).generate("group.jpg");
Upload images with a single line of code

Upload files using Cloudinary's API from your back-end application, directly from your visitors' web browsers or mobile apps without any server-side component. Apply complex image transformations in advance or on-the-fly.

Image upload from SDK
                            :width => 800, :height => 600, :crop => :limit)
                      array("width" => 800, "height" => 600, "crop" => "limit"));
cloudinary.uploader.upload("sheep.jpg", function(result) { console.log(result) },
                           { width: 800, height: 600, crop: "limit" });
                            width = 800, height = 600, crop = 'limit')
<input name="file" type="file"
   class="file-upload" data-cloudinary-field="image_id"
   data-form-data="{ 'transformation': 'c_limit,h_800,w_600', ... }"/>

$upload.upload({file: file,
                data: {upload_preset: $.cloudinary.config().upload_preset},
                ... });
                      new Transformation().width(800).height(600).crop("limit")));
cloudinary.Upload(new ImageUploadParams() {
  File = new FileDescription(@"sheep.jpg"),
  Transformation = new Transformation().Crop("limit").Width(800).Height(600)
let transformation = CLDTransformation().setWidth(800).setHeight(600)

cloudinary!.createUploader().signedUpload(data: imageData, 
  params: CLDUploadRequestParams().setTransformation(transformation))
   .policy(new UploadPolicy.Builder()
      .backoffCriteria(300000, UploadPolicy.BackoffPolicy.LINEAR)
Fetch and manipulate images on-the-fly

Use a short URL prefix to crop and further manipulate your existing images on-the-fly. The images are optimized & delivered via an image CDN. Fetch images from anywhere around the web, including Facebook, Twitter and more.

On-the-fly real-time video manipulation and web optimization

Upload all your video clips to the cloud. With a tweak of a URL, Cloudinary will transcode your videos for web view across all browsers and mobile devices. Scale, crop and further manipulate your videos on-the-fly according to your graphic design. Your videos will be optimized and streamed via a fast CDN.

Powerful management UI and API

Manage your media library interactively and use RESTful APIs and SDKs to automate your image house-keeping. Analyze and optimize your image usage with in-depth reports, insights and statistics.

Management Console - Dashboard
Management Console - Media Library

What people say about Cloudinary

I was a bit skeptical when I first read about Cloudinary, but after five minutes of goofing around with it I’m sold.

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