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Automate the entire image-processing pipeline: from uploads to on-the-fly manipulations to optimization to dynamic delivery with any CDN.

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Automate your entire video workflow from management, transcoding, and optimization to customization and delivery of engaging experiences.

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Digital asset

Dynamically manage rich media assets, streamline workflows across the asset lifecycle, and enhance customer experience.

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The media full stack

Cloudinary offers an incredibly feature-rich image and video platform for developers. Used by small teams to Fortune 500 companies, Cloudinary scales to any requirement with zero compromise on quality of service.

File Upload & Storage

Securely upload & store as many images and videos as needed, at any scale, from any source. Use a powerful API for fast upload directly from users’ browsers or mobile apps. Rest easy with auto-backups, historical revisions, and flexible storage options.

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Cloud Asset Management

Manage all your assets interactively with our Digital Asset Management solution or via APIs. Gain insights using advanced analytics.

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Image & Video Manipulation

Manipulate your images and videos dynamically to fit any graphics design. Apply effects, resizing, cropping, face detection, watermarks and tons of processing capabilities.

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Optimization & Fast Delivery

Deliver your images and videos lightning-fast, responsively, and highly optimized for any device in any location. Assets are served via multiple CDNs including Akamai, Fastly and CloudFront.

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Customize how you interact with your users with our built-in video player, media library and upload widgets that fit into any application with a single line of code.

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Do it all, on-the-fly, using an intuitive URL

Seamless integration with your development framework

Cloudinary’s client-side libraries and SDKs simplify the integration with your development platform of choice.

cloudinary.image("group.jpg", {width: 365, height: 133, crop: "fill"})
   array("width"=>365, "height"=>133, "crop"=>"fill"))
cl_image_tag("group.jpg", :width=>365, :height=>133, :crop=>"fill")
cloudinary.imageTag('group.jpg', {width: 365, height: 133, crop: "fill"}).toHtml();
<cl-image public-id="group.jpg" >
            <cl-transformation width="365" height="133" crop="fill">
<Image publicId="group.jpg" >
            <Transformation width="365" height="133" crop="fill" />
$.cloudinary.image("group.jpg", {width: 365, height: 133, crop: "fill"})
  .transformation(new Transformation().width(365).height(133).crop("fill"))
cloudinary.Api.UrlImgUp.Transform(new Transformation()
  .generate("group.jpg")!, cloudinary: cloudinary)
MediaManager.get().url().transformation(new Transformation().width(365).height(133).crop("fill")).generate("group.jpg");

Still managing images & videos

Get immediate access to cutting-edge capabilities. Save R&D time, get to market faster, reduce your IT costs, and improve your viewers’ experience.