Platform Integrations

Last updated: Aug-03-2022

Cloudinary has developed and certified integrations with many leading platforms.

Additionally, you can take advantage of partner-built integrations with Cloudinary, which are developed by Cloudinary partners according to Cloudinary's best practices and reviewed by the Cloudinary technical team.

These integrations enable you to use Cloudinary with the following platforms:

Cloudinary-built integrations

Adobe Creative Cloud Enable graphic artists to open graphic elements from Cloudinary and store finished works in Cloudinary directly from Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop to help ensure that everyone in the organization is working with the same files and processes.
Akeneo PIM Integration Connect your Cloudinary media to your products in your PIM. Take advantage of Cloudinary's advanced media management features to manage your product media before linking it with Akeneo.
Media Library Extension Import images or image URLs from Cloudinary into any content area within the Chrome browser or web application.
Magento Link your Magento website to your Cloudinary account, allowing your teams to manage and automatically serve all your product, category, and content management system (CMS) images directly from Cloudinary.
Salesforce Commerce Cloud Page Designer Embed images and videos from Cloudinary into pages created with Page Designer. Transform, optimize, and deliver your images and videos to meet the performance and design needs of your website.
Salesforce Commerce Cloud Site Simplify and automate the process of transforming, optimizing, and delivering images and videos throughout your entire Commerce Cloud store, including product images and videos, category assets, and site catalogs.
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Embed media from your Cloudinary account into web and email campaigns. Transform, optimize, and deliver your assets to meet the performance and design needs of your digital marketing campaigns.
SAP Commerce Improve engagement and drive conversions on your storefront with fast loading, optimized visual media, at scale.
Shopify Sync your Shopify media to Cloudinary to benefit from a feature-rich DAM solution, while delivering fast loading, customizable, responsive media on your storefront.
WordPress Upload and manage your images in Cloudinary directly from your WordPress interface. The plugin also supports automated (single-click) migration of all images from your existing posts to Cloudinary.
Zapier Create Cloudinary zaps to integrate Cloudinary capabilities with other applications, in order to automate repetitive workflows without coding. Integrate Cloudinary with Dropbox, GoogleDrive, Box, Gmail, Slack, Excel, and hundreds of others well-known applications.

Partner-built integrations

Agility Seamlessly search, select, and link optimized and transformed Cloudinary assets such as images and videos to content in the Agility Content Manager (CMS) while enjoying Cloudinary's versatile DAM as your single source of truth.
Actindo Sync your Cloudinary product images and metadata directly from the Actindo PIM and benefit from Cloudinary's rich transformation, optimization, and AI capabilities when managing product images served across channels. Leverage the power of the Cloudinary platform by installing the Cloudinary plugin to insert Cloudinary assets into's visual editor.
Chioro Include Cloudinary assets directly within your Chioro product data transformation pipeline to ensure that your shops and marketplaces are populated with transformed and optimized assets.
Comestri Import the images you manage in Comestri from Cloudinary in order to benefit from Cloudinary's powerful transformation, optimization, and Digital Asset Management (DAM) capabilities when delivering images to your channels.
Conscia Enables you to leverage Cloudinary's powerful capabilities to deliver media at high speed and at scale while personalizing the media content you deliver to different channels.
Contentful Insert all types of media assets into your Contentful entries as linked files, and enjoy easy access to all the benefits of Cloudinary's dynamic media transformation, optimization and Digital Asset Management (DAM) capabilities, directly from within the Contentful CMS web app.
Contentstack Enables you to leverage Cloudinary's AI powered media solutions while creating and managing digital content with Contentstack, all within a single interface, by providing access to your Cloudinary media assets directly from your Contentstack content entry page.
Creative Force Allows you to manage all aspects of production for your e-commerce creative content from start to finish and then push final web-ready assets, along with all of their metadata, to Cloudinary.
GraphCMS Allows content editors to natively search, edit, manage, and insert digital Cloudinary assets directly from within GraphCMS, leveraging powerful Cloudinary features within a single interface.
Kontent Enables creative teams to create and manage content with Kontent's headless CMS, while utilizing assets automatically enhanced and optimized with Cloudinary, all within a single interface.
Magnolia Access Cloudinary image and video assets and use them as if they were Magnolia native. You can add or remove assets and place them into Magnolia content with a seamless editorial experience and a unified workflow across the two systems.
Movidmo Incorporate images and videos from Cloudinary into Movidmo projects and take advantage of the wide range of media transformations that Cloudinary provides.
OpenText TeamSite Leverage Cloudinary's device-aware optimization, enhanced image and video processing, and asset optimization from within OpenText TeamSite's Data Capture Templates and Components.
Sanity Access the Cloudinary platform from directly inside the Sanity Studio, streamlining the way you insert transformed and optimized Cloudinary media assets into your content.
Sitefinity Take advantage of Cloudinary's advanced DAM capabilities by adding transformed and optimized Cloudinary media assets directly into your Sitefinity content. Create fully branded content experience portals using content stored, optimized and transformed by Cloudinary.
Stackbit Transform and insert images and videos from Cloudinary into your Stackbit web builder, immediately seeing the effect of your changes on the page.
Storyblok Access your Cloudinary images and videos directly from the Storyblock CMS web app via a single interface, and leverage Cloudinary's dynamic media transformation, optimization and Digital Asset Management (DAM) capabilities.
Syndigo Manage technical and descriptive product data, including measurements, ingredients, brand names, and product extensions across complex and disconnected systems; plus manage and deliver creative and visually compelling assets, across channels, at scale.
Uniform Add Cloudinary's DAM to your composable stack and leverage Cloudinary's transformation and optimization capabilities to deliver assets from your Uniform project.
Vue Storefront Utilize Cloudinary images, transformations, and delivery capabilities to optimize the performance of any Vue.js standalone website, and to beautify its frontend, directly through Vue Storefront and its built-in Storefront UI open-source library.

Partner marketplaces

Heroku Enables you to use Cloudinary components within your Heroku web pages. You can register for Cloudinary via your Heroku account and use Heroku credits toward your purchase.
Amazon Web Services Enables you to apply Cloudinary transformation, optimization, and delivery capabilities to assets stored on your AWS3 bucket. You can register for Cloudinary via your AWS account and use AWS credits toward your purchase.
Google Cloud Platform Enables you to apply Cloudinary transformation, optimization, and delivery capabilities to assets stored in your Google Cloud. You can register for Cloudinary via your GCP account and use GCP credits toward your purchase.

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