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Partner-built integrations for Cloudinary

Last updated: Nov-14-2023

Partner-built integrations are Cloudinary integrations that are developed by Cloudinary's partners according to Cloudinary's guidelines and best practices. They are reviewed and verified by the Cloudinary technical team.

Partner-built integrations are not directly maintained by Cloudinary. All support and updates related to these integrations are handled by the relevant partner organization.

Available partner-built integrations

The following partner-built integrations are available:

Agility Custom Field

Seamlessly search, select, and link optimized and transformed Cloudinary assets such as images and videos to content in the Agility Content Manager (CMS) while enjoying Cloudinary's versatile DAM as your single source of truth.

Actindo Connection

Sync your Cloudinary product images and metadata directly from the Actindo PIM and benefit from Cloudinary's rich transformation, optimization, and AI capabilities when managing product images served across channels. App Extension

Leverage the power of the Cloudinary platform by installing the Cloudinary plugin to insert Cloudinary assets into's visual editor.

ButterCMS Integration

Seamlessly search, select, and link optimized and transformed Cloudinary assets such as images and videos to content in the ButterCMS Content Manager while enjoying Cloudinary's versatile DAM as your single source of truth.

Chioro Operation

Include Cloudinary assets directly within your Chioro product data transformation pipeline to ensure that your shops and marketplaces are populated with transformed and optimized assets.

CloudCannon DAM Integration

Utilize Cloudinary's DAM as the source for your media content and tap into its robust transformation capabilities seamlessly within the CloudCannon interface.

Comestri Channel

Import the images you manage in Comestri from Cloudinary in order to benefit from Cloudinary's powerful transformation, optimization, and Digital Asset Management (DAM) capabilities when delivering images to your channels.

Conscia Connector

Enables you to leverage Cloudinary's powerful capabilities to deliver media at high speed and at scale while personalizing the media content you deliver to different channels.

Contentful App

Insert all types of media assets into your Contentful entries as linked files, and enjoy easy access to Cloudinary's dynamic media transformation, optimization and Digital Asset Management (DAM) capabilities, directly from within the Contentful CMS web app.

Contentstack Custom Field Extension

Enables you to leverage Cloudinary's AI powered media solutions while creating and managing digital content with Contentstack, all within a single interface, by providing access to your Cloudinary media assets directly from your Contentstack content entry page.

Creative Force Asset Delivery

Allows you to manage all aspects of production for your e-commerce creative content from start to finish and then push final web-ready assets, along with all of their metadata, to Cloudinary.

Hygraph UI Extension

Allows content editors to natively search, edit, manage, and insert digital Cloudinary assets directly from within Hygraph, leveraging powerful Cloudinary features within a single interface. Custom Element

Enables creative teams to create and manage content with Kontent's headless CMS, while utilizing assets automatically enhanced and optimized with Cloudinary, all within a single interface.

Magnolia DAM Connector

Access Cloudinary image and video assets and use them as if they were Magnolia native. You can add or remove assets and place them into Magnolia content with a seamless editorial experience and a unified workflow across the two systems.

Movidmo Upload Connector

Incorporate images and videos from Cloudinary into Movidmo projects and take advantage of the wide range of media transformations that Cloudinary provides.

OpenText TeamSite Connector

Leverage Cloudinary's device-aware optimization, enhanced image and video processing, and asset optimization from within OpenText TeamSite's Data Capture Templates and Components.

Sanity Plugin

Access the Cloudinary platform from directly inside the Sanity Studio, streamlining the way you insert transformed and optimized Cloudinary media assets into your content.

Sitefinity DAM System Integration

Take advantage of Cloudinary's advanced DAM capabilities by adding transformed and optimized Cloudinary media assets directly into your Sitefinity content. Data Source Connector

Create fully branded content experience portals using content stored, optimized and transformed by Cloudinary.

Stackbit Integration

Transform and insert images and videos from Cloudinary into your Stackbit web builder, immediately seeing the effect of your changes on the page.

Storyblok App Integration

Access your Cloudinary images and videos directly from the Storyblock CMS web app via a single interface, and leverage Cloudinary's dynamic media transformation, optimization and Digital Asset Management (DAM) capabilities.

Syndigo Advanced DAM App

Manage technical and descriptive product data, including measurements, ingredients, brand names, and product extensions across complex and disconnected systems; plus manage and deliver creative and visually compelling assets, across channels, at scale.

Uniform Integration

Add Cloudinary's DAM to your composable stack and leverage Cloudinary's transformation and optimization capabilities to deliver assets from your Uniform project.

Community-developed libraries and plugins

In addition to the above partner-built integrations, you may also be interested these community-developed libraries and plugins for developers:




Gatsby Fetch Sources

Gatsby Transformer


Community-developed libraries are developed, tested and maintained by the community. Bug fixes and feature requests should be submitted in the relevant repository.

Build your own Cloudinary integration

Want to develop your own Cloudinary integration? Learn more about building your own integration, including ideas, tips, and useful resources.

Become a Cloudinary integrations technology partner

You've already built your integration and want to become a partner? Learn more about our partner-built integrations program, including guidelines, the review process, and the benefits of verifying your own integration with Cloudinary.

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