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Cloudinary-built integrations release notes

Last updated: Jul-03-2024

Cloudinary-built integrations release notes provide updates for each integration whenever there are changes or important announcements to share, ensuring you stay informed about the specific integration you use.

Magento (Adobe Commerce) Extension

Date Version Description
Jul-10-2024 1.20.2
Added parameters to the GraphQL query for:
  • Product name
  • SKU
  • Cloudinary data, including image URLs and Product Gallery Widget parameters
Jun-16-2024 1.20.1
Updated instructions for obtaining Cloudinary credentials.

Fixed Product Gallery Widget to display images using delivery hostname (CNAME) settings.

May-20-2024 1.20.0
Added the Cloudinary Video Player, supported on PDPs only.

Added support for video analytics.

Added support for Magento v2.4.7.

Fixed the Undefined variable $result error logs that occur when the plugin is disabled.

Dec-24-2023 1.19.92
Improved file type extension detection by updating the parseCloudinaryUrl method.

Updated csp_whitelist.xml policies for better Vimeo support.

Oct-01-2023 1.19.8 Updated Cloudinary PHP SDK to version 2.11.0.

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Salesforce Commerce Cloud Page Designer Cartridge

Date Version Description
Jul-02-2024 24.1.2
Minor bugs fix and improvements.
Apr-01-2024 24.1.1
Minor fixes and documentation update.
Jan-31-2024 24.1.0
Upgraded the Cloudinary Video Player to v1.10.4.

Added support for video analytics.

Implemented user-agent and analytics tag functionality.

Addressed an issue related to link removal from assets.

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Salesforce Commerce Cloud B2C Commerce Cartridge

Date Version Description
Jul-02-2024 24.2.3
Minor bugs fix and improvements.
Apr-01-2024 24.2.2
Added a new backfill mode to all jobs that synchronize files to Cloudinary, such as the Initial upload of product assets job (excluding the Import image path and alt text job). With this mode, only assets not previously uploaded to Cloudinary (based on public_id) are synced. When using other modes, assets are uploaded, and those that were replaced on SFCC B2C (based on MD5 signature) are also replaced on Cloudinary.

Minor documentation updates.

Upgraded cleave.js version to 1.6.0.

Feb-11-2024 24.2.1
Improved support for public_id naming convention (pertains to operational mode 1).

Upgraded the Cloudinary Video Player to v1.10.1.

Added support for video analytics.

The Initial upload of catalog assets job now generates the necessary structured metadata fields in Cloudinary.

Dec-18-2023 2.2.0
Streamlined the transition process between media mapping Option 1 (Cloudinary as the single source of truth) and 2 (SFCC as the single source of truth), for more flexible synchronization and management.

Enabled adding custom attributes and classes to the image tag generated using Cloudinary-GetContentImage.

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Salesforce Commerce Cloud B2C Commerce Cartridge for Headless

Date Version Description
May-01-2024 24.1.0
Upgraded the React app from v1 to v3.5.

Updated the Cloudinary Video Player to v1.10.1.

Added support for video analytics.

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WordPress Plugin

Date Version Description
Mar-25-2024 3.1.8
Added the Cloudinary for WordPress Administrators course as part of the plugin Need help section.

Added individual Need Help? Watch Lessons Here! call-outs at the top of every section as a tool tip, pointing to specific lessons where that section is covered.

Updated the FAQ section.

Upgraded the Cloudinary Video Player to v1.11.1.

Fixed the Cloudinary\\tmpfile() undefined error log when importing assets from Cloudinary.

Fixed the md5() method deprecation warning in PHP 8.2.

Feb-21-2024 3.1.7
Upgraded the Cloudinary Video Player to v1.10.1.

Added support for video analytics.

Fixed Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method Cloudinary\Delivery::clean_url() error message.

Fixed individual transformations lost when upgrading the plugin version.

Jan-17-2024 3.1.6
Added support for video adaptive bitrate streaming protocols, HLS and MPEG-DASH.

Implemented eagerly generating transformations for auto_formats to ensure faster delivery for both images and videos.

Enabled the Cloudinary Video Player when using a video URL in the video block.

Fixed syncing and delivery of SVG files to Cloudinary.

Resolved the issue of failure in fetching local data as it should appear on the plugin dashboard.

Fixed a missing comma in the sizes attribute.

Fixed the problem of extra query calls when no frontend URLs are detected.

Fixed the extension being removed while using f_auto for video delivery.

Resolved the issue of pushing staged assets to production, which resulted in a full resync of the assets.

Fixed invalid data in the additional settings block when editing the Cloudinary Product Gallery widget.

Added a filter for extending eagerly generating transformation formats – cloudinary_upload_eager_formats.

Added a filter for supporting different headless frontend domains – cloudinary_delivery_searchable_url.

Added a filter for supporting different content URLs – cloudinary_content_url.

Oct-11-2023 3.1.5
Added a filter for allowing RAW URLs for images: cloudinary_bypass_seo_url.

Added a filter for better control of the SEO URL: cloudinary_seo_public_id.

Fixed Cloudinary gallery compatibility issue with WooCommerce v7.8 and up.

Fixed the double extension on RAW files.

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SalesForce Marketing Cloud App

Date Version Description
Jan-15-2024 1.0.230 Fixed a compatibility issue that prevented the Media Library Widget from opening in the app.

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SAP Commerce Extension

Date Version Description
Sep-26-2023 1.19.92
Updated version of the Video Player to 1.9.9.

Fixed issue relating to Media Library Widget compatibility.

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