Salesforce Commerce Cloud Site Cartridge

Salesforce Commerce Cloud (formerly Demandware), is one of the industry's most agile and scalable e-commerce platforms. Cloudinary offers a certified Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) cartridge that enables you to simplify and automate the process of manipulating, optimizing, and delivering images and videos throughout your entire Commerce Cloud store, including product images and videos, category assets, and site catalogs.

After you've installed and configured the cartridge in Demandware Studio and then added the cartridge to your sites, you can continue to upload your product and catalog assets to SFCC as usual and the assets will be automatically synchronized with your Cloudinary account.

All Cloudinary transformations can be applied at various levels in your store, with the transformations for the most specific level taking precedence. So, for example, a transformation set that includes a text overlay showing 50% Off for an image on the product level will override a transformation set with a text overlay saying 25% Off that was set for an image on the catalog level.

The cartridge also includes special functionality for adding responsive behavior to your images to make sure that the optimal image size is delivered to each user based on the available space on their viewing device.

This video provides a quick walkthrough of some of the set up steps as well as demonstrating how to take advantage of Cloudinary's media management and transformation features:

For complete documentation on Cloudinary's SFCC cartridge, see the Cloudinary integration document, available from the Cloudinary page on the SFCC Link Marketplace (requires SFCC login).

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