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Cloudinary-built integrations

Last updated: Sep-26-2023

Cloudinary-built integrations are integrations that are developed and supported by Cloudinary.

Cloudinary-built integrations

Adobe Creative Cloud Connector

Enable graphic artists to open graphic elements from Cloudinary and store finished works in Cloudinary directly from Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop to help ensure that everyone in the organization is working with the same files and processes.

Akeneo Sync with MediaFlows

Sync Cloudinary media to the products in Akeneo with MediaFlows, and leverage Cloudinary's advanced media management capabilities to enhance your workflow.

Chrome Media Library Extension

Import images or image URLs from Cloudinary into any content area within the Chrome browser or web application.

commercetools extension

Leverage Cloudinary's management, optimization and transformation capabilities by delivering your commercetools Product Assets from Cloudinary.

Magento (Adobe Commerce) Extension

Link your Magento (Adobe Commerce) website to your Cloudinary account, allowing your teams to manage and automatically serve all your product, category, and content management system (CMS) images directly from Cloudinary.

Salesforce B2C Commerce Cartridge

Simplify and automate the process of transforming, optimizing, and delivering images and videos throughout your entire Commerce Cloud store, including product images and videos, category assets, and site catalogs.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Page Designer

Embed images and videos from Cloudinary into pages created with Page Designer. Transform, optimize, and deliver your images and videos to meet the performance and design needs of your website.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud App

Embed media from your Cloudinary account into web and email campaigns. Transform, optimize, and deliver your assets to meet the performance and design needs of your digital marketing campaigns.

SAP Commerce Extension

Improve engagement and drive conversions on your storefront with fast loading, optimized visual media, at scale.

Shopify Sync with MediaFlows

Sync your Shopify media to Cloudinary for fast loading and customizable, responsive media on your storefront using MediaFlows.
Note: Cloudinary provides an enhanced Shopify integration for Enterprise customers. Contact our sales team for details.

WordPress Plugin

Upload and manage your images in Cloudinary directly from your WordPress interface. The plugin also supports automated (single-click) migration of all images from your existing posts to Cloudinary.

Zapier Integration

Create Cloudinary zaps to integrate Cloudinary capabilities with other applications, in order to automate repetitive workflows without coding. Integrate Cloudinary with Dropbox, GoogleDrive, Box, Gmail, Slack, Excel, and hundreds of others well-known applications.

Build your own Cloudinary integration

Want to develop your own Cloudinary integration? Learn more about building your own integration, including ideas, tips, and useful resources.

Become a Cloudinary integrations technology partner

You've already built your integration and want to become a partner? Learn more about our partner-built integrations program, including guidelines, the review process, and the benefits of verifying your own integration with Cloudinary.

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