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Uniform's Cloudinary Integration

Last updated: Nov-14-2023

Uniform's Cloudinary Integration enables business teams to easily access Cloudinary DAM features from directly within their projects.

The Uniform-Cloudinary integration described here was developed according to Cloudinary's best practices and has been reviewed by the Cloudinary technical team.

However, the integration is not maintained by Cloudinary. For all updates or questions related to this integration, please contact Uniform support at


Uniform provides a digital experience composition (DXCP) with prebuilt integrations that developers can use to quickly create a composable stack for their business teams, without having to build custom integration code. Once the stack is created, business users have a consistent interface for accessing all their headless sources, including CMSs, PIMs, search engines, and more, enabling them to build multichannel digital experiences with no need for developer support.

Uniform's Cloudinary Integration adds Cloudinary's DAM to your composable stack so your business teams can use Cloudinary to store, transform and optimize assets, and deliver them from your Uniform project to your website or app.

You can open a compact version of the Media Library directly within your project and gain access to all of Cloudinary's DAM capabilities, including managing and transforming your assets, and selecting and inserting the ones you want to deliver. You can also open Cloudinary's Media Editor within your project to edit the asset before delivery. When you're satisfied with your edits, upload the asset back to your DAM.

These are just some of the capabilities you can benefit from when using Cloudinary's DAM:

  • Upload digital assets to the Media Library from any source while taking advantage of Cloudinary's advanced AI automatic tagging, face detection, advanced search, background removal capabilities, and more.
  • Create multiple variations of digital assets.
  • Enrich the images with cropping, watermarking, resizing, and OCR capabilities.
  • Share and collaborate on your digital assets.

The Safari browser may require additional steps when logging in to the Media Library. If you encounter an issue, follow the prompts to log in separately and attempt to open the Media Library again. Alternatively, use one of the other recommended browsers when working with Cloudinary.

Uniform's Cloudinary Integration video tutorial

This video tutorial highlights the benefits of using this integration, and shows how to add it to and use it in a Uniform project:

Get the integration

  • Read a case study to understand more about how the Uniform integration can help you.

  • To get this integration and for more information, contact Uniform sales at

  • To add the Uniform integration to your Uniform project, see Add Uniform integration.

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