The following pages contain reference information on effectively using Cloudinary and its wide variety of features:

Reference Description
Transformation URL API Reference All available URL transformation parameters for both images and videos, complete syntax details plus URL & SDK code examples.
Upload API Methods for uploading and managing assets.
Admin API Methods for administrating your media assets and your Cloudinary account.
Search API Covers all options available using the search API method to find, filter and retrieve information on the assets in your account using Lucene-like query expressions.
Metadata API Covers the information you need to know for use with the metadata API method, including metadata field structure, datasource value structure, and adding value validation to fields.
Provisioning API Methods for creating and managing sub-accounts, users and user groups.
Cloudinary CLI Options for interacting with Cloudinary through the command-line, including options for performing Admin and Upload operations without a formal backend environment as well as additional helper commands.
Upload Widget API Methods, parameters and events that you can use when integrating the Cloudinary upload widget.
Video Player API Methods, parameters, attributes and events that you can use when working with the Cloudinary video player.
Product Gallery API Methods, parameters, enums and events that you can use when developing a product gallery for your site.
Media Optimizer API Methods for managing Media Optimizer components, such as media sources and delivery profiles, managing Media Optimizer cache, and other administration functionality.

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