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Programmable Media Made Easy

With Cloudinary, web and app developers control the media lifecycle in simple steps: upload rich media, including images and videos, to the cloud for storage; transform and optimize them with dynamic URLs; and deliver media over a multi-CDN system. All of it, without ever leaving your application code.

SDKs are available for most popular programming languages, including server-side, client-side, and mobile.


Interactive Demos

One of the many demos available for use, Adaptive Video Streaming takes advantage of Cloudinary’s automatic generation of adaptive bitrate streaming files to automatically adjust the resolution of your video in real time to best match the player dimensions, available bandwidth and CPU capacity of each viewer.

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Presentation Layer Widgets

Speed up development with off-the-shelf, customizable, and powerful widgets for media upload, media editing, asset management, and auto-responsive product details pages.

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Cloudinary’s API-first approach ensures that we can (and do) integrate with the most popular environments and technologies you regularly use across the entire design to delivery ecosystem.

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Rich Media Capabilities to Address All of Your Web and Mobile App Needs

Image & Video Hosting

Storage via AWS and Google Cloud with enterprise-class backup, revision history, and disaster recovery.

All Media Formats

Work with an exhaustive list of media types – images, videos, GIF, 3D images, PDF, PSD, AVIF…

Machine Learning Algorithms

Leverage ML-based metadata tagging, background removal, content aware cropping, video previews, and more.

Real-time Image Enhancements

Create multiple banners on-the-fly from the same image, overlaid with logos, text, badges, and watermarks.

Website Load Time Optimizations

Automatically serve images and videos in browser or viewport- optimized formats and quality.

Image & Video CDN

Deliver at high speeds with single CDN, multi-CDN, and geo-specific CDNs.

Want to learn more: visit our Programmable Media Experience page to dive further into our Image and Video API product offerings. Learn more →

A Platform You Can Trust

Enterprise-Grade Security

Access services via secure and authenticated HTTPS APIs, with flexible access controls, backup, signed URLs, multiple user roles, permissions, and two-factor authentication.

High-Performance Asset Management

Experience fast media upload, processing, and download via Cloudinary’s infrastructure of high-performance servers, elastic load balancers, and highly available storage.


Scale up your media assets as well as user base across the globe easily with a technology infrastructure that handles over 28 billion media requests.

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Recipes demonstrating Cloudinary’s image and video transformations

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Learn about our Framework SDKs, Add-ons, and Integrations, watch video tutorials, and more.

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